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Red Flags for Speech / Language development - No clear words by 18 months - No understanding of common objects by 18 months - Unable to follow simple request by 27 months - No word combinations by 30 months - No 2/3 word sentences by 3 years - Not understanding "what" and "why" by 4 years - Unclear speech at 4 years
Areas of Development Social. Hearing. Speech. Vision. Fine Motor. Gross Motor.
Development at 6 weeks Smile and be sociable. Still to sound. Vocalise and coo. Develop eye contact and head control
Social development at 6 - 9 months Explore objects with mouth. Use hands to put things in mouth. Aware of hands and feed. Play games such as peek-a-boo. Know if someone is familiar
Hearing development at 6-9 months Turn in response to sound. Localise sound.
Speech development at 6 - 9 months Tuneful babble. Mamama / Dadad and know the difference/ Understand No and Bye-Bye
Vision Development at 6 -9 months Fixate on small objects. Look for objects outside of field of vision
Gross motor development at 6-9 months Roll over by themselves. Sit up unsupported. Begin to crawl. Pull up to stand.
Fine motor skills at 6 - 9 months Grasp items using the palms of their hands. Transfer items from hand to hand. Use finger to point and poke
Developmental milestones at 1 year Come when called. Find hidden objects. Listen to quiet sounds. Shake head for no. Say 1-3 words with meaning. Walk. Pincer grasp.
Developmental milestones at 18 months Copy domestic tasks. Feed self with a spoon. Point to show shared interest. Point to body parts. Obey commands. >6 words. Kick a ball. Basic shape puzzles.
Developmental milestones at 2 years Say No and disobey. Ignore. Tantrums. 2-3 word phrases. Draw simple lines. Turn pages individually. Run and Jump. Use Fork
Pre-school developmental stages Play socially. Theory of mind. Co-operative. Improved clarity of speech. Count to 10. Stand on one leg. Knife and Fork. Draw simple shapes
Development by School Age Understand rules and routine. Develop friendship. Increased attention. Jokes. Pencil Control. Complex motor skills
Development outcomes for teenagers Limited communication. Desire to fit in. Emotionally literate. Seek attention (NOHL)
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