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Detail the actions that you would take on receipt of a call stating that a hydrant has been set off and there is operator text stating the hydrant is tank fed. (7) - Create an incident, validating on address given & enter incident type hydrant. - Queue the incident & contact Scottish water with all information. - Stop code the incident HYD & tag HYD WB
When would the incident type dangerous structure be used? (3) Structures that have not collapsed but are in a dangerous condition and present a danger to life and/or property.
Detail 3 reasons why a caller may be unable to escape from a dwelling fire? (3) - Fire - Smoke - Locked doors - Obstruction - Incapacitation (alcohol/drugs)
Radio procedure: Under what circumstances would the following radio messages be used? Informative message, fire surrounded, stop message, assistance message (8) Informative - any point during incident to relay info from incident ground. Fire surrounded - when a fire is surrounded, there is no danger of it spreading, but it is not yet under control. Stop message - When incident is under control and appliances already en route or in attendance are sufficient Assistance message - When OIC required further SFRS resources to be mobilised to incident.
What information is required from a caller in order to mobilise to an incident on a motorway? (4) - Name of motorway - Carriageway affected - Nearest junction - Type of incident, what is involved
When informing an officer of incident, what information must you make sure that you pass? (6) - Address of incident - Type of incident - Appliances attending the incident - Messages received so far - Officer in charge of incident - Other officers informed or mobilised
When dealing with a call reporting weather related flooding which is now inside the property and the person elects to stay within the property, detail 3 pieces of guidance that should be provided? (3) - Stay in a high place with a means of escape - If sandbags available, place at any openings where water could gain access - if possible and safe turn off gas, electricity and water supplies - Ensure pets are safe - Avoid electrical sources - Move valuables and furniture above water level or upstairs - Gather together family medication children's essentials, mobile phone & charger and valuables in case evacuation is necessary later.
What is the PDA for a car fire within the Clyde Tunnel? (2) 2 pumps to each end of the tunnel
There are 3 main reasons that OC may be evacuated, what are they and give one example of each? (6) Building Issue: - failure of air con, severe flooding in vicinity of building, evacuation on the direction of police due to an ongoing situation. Accommodation Issue: - bomb threat, fire in building, structural collapse, hazardous materials gas leak. System Fail Issue: - complete loss of telephone access, inability to transmit or receive radio messages
Sea King and Sikorsky helicopters often land at NHS hospitals and other designated landing sites. We would not normally attend unless..? (1) Unless an emergency is declared by the pilot
What are the general rules for strategic standbys as applicable to wholetime stations and RDS stations in legacy Strathclyde area? (2) Wholetime - 30 minutes RDS - 1 hour
What is the PDA for an RTC on normal roadway involving 2 cars with persons within? (4) 2 pumps, 1 cutting gear, 1 SRESC & 1st call officer.
You take a message from an appliance stating a re-examination is required at 23:00hrs. What actions should be taken if: - Firstly incident is in appliances' own station area. (4) - enter the message - queue the incident - enter a timed reminder for approx. 15mins prior to the time resources are required to attend - re- assign the appliance to the incident at the appropriate time.
Secondly the message is sent from a crew from another station area (5) - inform station whose area the incident is in about the re-examination and provide time. - enter message - queue the incident - enter timed reminder for approx. 15 mins prior to time resources are required to attend. - re-assign appliance to the incident at the appropriate time
The initial PDA for a forest fire is 2 pumps. What other resources so we have for fighting forest fires and where are they located? (3) Forestry units are located at L02 Oban, P04 Lanark & R02 Kilwinning
3 examples where you should consider call challenging? (3) - if the caller is vague about an address or incident - If the caller is clearly being encouraged by others - If the address passed differs from CLI/EISEC information - caller changes the address repeatedly - caller may be abusive or find the call funny
3 pieces of advice you could give to a caller to keep themselves safe within a burning premise? (3) - get to the room furthest away from the fire closing all doors between them and the fire - block any gaps with towels, covers etc to keep smoke out - keep near to the floor, better quality air - open a window and make noise or hang something out of the window to attract attention
If ProCAD was not available in either main or standby control due to a systems failure, what other ways could we mobilise and how would we record it? (5) - fallback PDA - FPW mobilising system - station back up phones - incident sheets - whiteboards/wallboards
Explain what is meant by the term augmented attendance? Give 2 examples (4) - when the initial PDA for an incident Is insufficient and further resources required to be added to turnout - 2 pumps proceeding with 4 of a crew - 1 pump proceeding with 4 crew, repeat calls and persons reported - area with poor water supply
Explain what is meant by the term reduced attendance and give 2 examples (3) - when the incident type has been designated for only 1 appliance to attend. - car, bin, tree, skip or grass - late calls
What other services may be informed of inland water related incidents and why? (6) - Coastguard (boat/helicopters) - Police (divers/fatalities) - Ambulance (casualties)
Describe what circumstances may be considered to represent a local disturbance? (5) An incident that involves a small number of persons who may have barricaded a street with the intention of causing damage to the appliance and/or injury to the crew members should they attempt to enter the area to manage the incident
We regularly create standbys in connection to operational incidents. When would this be done? (3) - If we receive a message stating an appliance will be detained for 30mins for a wholetime station area - 60mins for a retained station area - or if the nature of the incident indicates that the appliance will be detained for some time
Detail 3 pieces of advice you can give a caller when they are affected by flooding and they are remaining within the property (3) - if sandbags are available place them at openings where water could gain access - move cars, pets, food and valuables to a safe place - gather together family medication, children's essentials, mobile phones & chargers and valuables in case an evacuation is necessary later