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Liesl Marais
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GCSE Maths: Geometry & Measures
Andrea Leyden
GCSE Maths Conversions
Část 9.
Nikola Truong
AQA A-Level Sociology: Class Differences in Achievement - Pupils' Class Identities & the School
Rhiann Albon
Specific topic 7.7 Timber (tools/equipment/processes)
T Andrews
Forms of Business Ownership
AS Psychology - Research Methods
Aparatos y sistemas del cuerpo humano
Mai Sin Más
Biology B2.2
Jade Allatt
Question Answer
What are homographs? Words that have the same spelling, but different meanings.
Which word can mean: sides of a river OR a place to keep your money? Bank
Which word can mean: paper money OR a musical sound? Note
Which word can mean: a green area OR leaving a car somewhere? Park
Which word can mean: to reserve a place OR something with pages? Book
Which word can mean: coins OR to alter something? Change
Which word can mean: something that can cut trees OR observed? Saw
Which word can mean: a water outlet OR to knock lightly? Tap
Which word can mean: a way to score points in rugby OR make an effort? Try
Which word can mean: an instrument that tells the time OR looking at something? Watch
Which word can mean: a sound a dog makes OR the outer layer of a tree? Bark