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Question Answer
What do adjectives do? They are describing words that tell us more about a noun.
What are some weak adjectives to avoid? sad, nice, scared, happy, bad Look at the rich adverbs on the following cards and see if you know the weak adverbs they can replace. Then flip the deck and consolidate your knowledge.
gloomy sad (g_____) 081 Sad 5 (binary/octet-stream)
upset sad (u____) 081 Sad 5 (binary/octet-stream)
unhappy sad (u______) 081 Sad 5 (binary/octet-stream)
forlorn sad (f______) 081 Sad 5 (binary/octet-stream)
sorrowful sad (s________) 081 Sad 5 (binary/octet-stream)
tearful sad (t______) 081 Sad 5 (binary/octet-stream)
sombre sad (s_____) 081 Sad 5 (binary/octet-stream)
lovely nice (l_____) 048 Angel (binary/octet-stream)
pleasurable nice (p__________) 048 Angel (binary/octet-stream)
likeable nice (l_______) 048 Angel (binary/octet-stream)
gracious nice (g_______) 048 Angel (binary/octet-stream)
admirable nice (a________) 048 Angel (binary/octet-stream)
afraid scared (a_____) 073 Scream (binary/octet-stream)
frightened scared (f_________) 073 Scream (binary/octet-stream)
fearful scared (f______) 073 Scream (binary/octet-stream)
alarmed scared (a______) 073 Scream (binary/octet-stream)
terrified scared (t________) 073 Scream (binary/octet-stream)
shaken scared (s_____) 073 Scream (binary/octet-stream)
delighted happy (d________) 066 Happy 4 (binary/octet-stream)
amused happy (a_____) 066 Happy 4 (binary/octet-stream)
thrilled happy (t_______) 066 Happy 4 (binary/octet-stream)
content happy (c______) 066 Happy 4 (binary/octet-stream)
pleased happy (p______) 066 Happy 4 (binary/octet-stream)
awful bad (a____) 057 Devil (binary/octet-stream)
rotten bad (r_____) 057 Devil (binary/octet-stream)
wicked bad (w_____) 057 Devil (binary/octet-stream)
unpleasant bad (u_________) 057 Devil (binary/octet-stream)
disagreeable bad (d___________) 057 Devil (binary/octet-stream)
wretched bad (w_______) 057 Devil (binary/octet-stream)
mean bad (m___) 057 Devil (binary/octet-stream)
Avoid using "very" Look at the following cards and see if you know what adjectives to use instead of "very ..."?
hilarious very funny 084 Laughing (binary/octet-stream)
freezing very cold 053 Grinning (binary/octet-stream)
enormous very big 054 Surprised (binary/octet-stream)
filthy very dirty 010 Poo (binary/octet-stream)
delicious very tasty 146 Tongue Out 2 (binary/octet-stream)