L5 Social Psychology - Interpersonal Relationships

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Proximity & Propinquity Emotional Arousal Physical Attractiveness Similarity Failed relationships

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You are more likely to fall for someone in everyday circumstances. The more you see people the more that you like them. E.g. also can be linked to listening to songs on the radio more often can make you like them more. You are more likely to make friends with people that you see everyday or often e.g. from your hall of residence.
What is did Mcknight find out about Proximity & Propinquity studies? McKnight (1994) in an Australian sample found that 83% of people met their ‘special partner’ in a familiar social setting, 6% in a casual social setting.
What did Byrne find out in regards to Proximity & Propinquity? He found that people tended to make friends with those whom they were seated beside alphabetically.
What did Priest & Sawyer (1974) find out about Proximity & Propinquity? Priest & Sawyer (1974) measured the distance between college dorms and friendship preferences. Found a positive association between closeness and strength of friendship.
Why doesn't proximity always work? If you have different attitudes with someone and you tend to insult them every time you see them. Also some people like to be private.
Who claimed that if it was merely repeated exposure to a stimulus that enhanced our liking then we should prefer photos of our facial images as we see them in a mirror? Mita et al. (1977)
How does Emotional Arousal effect the way you judge people on an attraction basis? When you are emotionally aroused/anxious/nervous or even physically you tend to judge people as more attractive.
Which study did Dutton & Aaron conduct? Tight rope over a river female instructor was at the end. at the end of activity they were given phone numbers to people hear about the results. participants with thinner rope to walk called ad asked the instructor on a date. People who have a higher heartbeat they judge potential partner to be more attractive.
Why should emotional arousal lead to attraction? Schacter & Singer (1962) suggest that if we are anxious and happen to see someone and get a feeling within we tend to misread ourselves in situations. Individuals don't attribute the cause is related to the situation not the individuals.
What did Green, Buchanan & Heuer (1984) analyse in regards to Physical attractiveness? Green, Buchanan & Heuer (1984) analysed computer dating services, which used photo matching. - for both sexes physical attractiveness was the major determining factor of date choice.
Results from Walster et al. dance experiment showed that the more attractive you were rated by the observers the more you were liked by your date. Sex differences. Women tend to be more appreciative of psychological characteristics. Men tend to focus on physical attractiveness. Ask for sex experiment Buss.
Laner? found that women - both heterosexual and homosexual tended to focus on the psychological characteristics.
Deux & Hanna? found that men - both heterosexual and homosexual focused on the physical attractiveness of potential partners.
Many benefits to attractiveness Adults less aggressive to attractive children. Attractive people are more likely to be hired for jobs. Attractive students are more likely to be given better grades.
Ravin & Rubin (1983)? People who were more attractive DOA were more likely to be resuscitated than people who were less attractive.
What makes people attractive? Men like big eyes, small noses medium medium bust, hips, waist and bottom.. Young and shorter. Women small eyes square jaw and thrusting chin, V shaped man, broad shoulders, which tapers into a small bottom. Tall and older.
Cultural effects on beauty Ingleby (1981)? fat and diseased babies by western standards are considered beautiful in different cultures.
What are the most important determinants of similarity in relationships? The most important determinants are similarity of attitudes, values and activities.
Similarity: Many studies show that people tend to be attracted to others who are similar to themselves. -
Kandel (1978) and Craddock (1990)? Kandel (1978) best friends at high school resemble each other in terms of age, race and academic grades. Craddock (1990) married couples who shared the same egalitarian or religious beliefs were a lot happier.
Which part of the brain lights up when women go through a break up? The exact same area where physical pain alerts the brain. Relationships can bring pain.
Who works through relationships break ups and marriage better? Women. Men.
(Stroebe, 1988). A year following the death of a partner their is a serious threat to the mental health of a survivor
Who suffers from a break up more? Typically both partners feel bad, people don't like to make others hurt. The person who breaks up will feel guilt and will often feel in control. The person who gets dumped feels bad.
25% of all murders are a reaction to Jealousy. If a woman finds another partner men often resort to hurting the woman or even murder. There are ways to overcome a break up e.g. hobbies you are more likely to meet another partner that does something you like. You can learn that you will meet another person. One way to eliminate the pain from the break up is think of the people who do love you.
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