Mormonism- history american west.

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where did Mormonism begin ? Palmyra in new york
Who claimed they saw an angel and in what year? 1. Joseph Smith 2. 1823
which 3 states did the Mormons try to build there communities on ? 1. Ohio(1831-37) 2.Missouri (1338) 3. Illinois(1839-46)
What did Mormon people think that they were to god? the chosen people
What year did the Mormon bank collapse 1837
why were the Mormons forced out of Missouri ? Rumors that the Mormons became friendly with the Indians and in favour of abolishing slavery.
what did the Mormons practice that is similar to the indians Polygamy
why was Joseph smith arrested and murdered while in prison? because he ran for president
Who became the leader of Mormonism after Joseph smith? Brigham young
what did an advance group go ahead to set up? Winter Quarters- these could be harvested when they arrived
What year did the Mormons arrive in salt lake? 1847
Name 3 problems that faced them at salt lake ? Land had to be shared out fairly. There were few trees for building homes. They didn't want to have to depend on non Mormons for anything.
what year did the mountain meadow massacre take place ? 1857.
what year was Utah finally made a state 1896
what year did Brigham young die ? 1877
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