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Cultures Quiz India


This is a flashcard set for Mrs. Rosemaries class at Cunae International School, to be used for Economy class and International Cultures class.
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What is Indias Population? 1,343,000,000
What is India in Population status in the world? 2nd most populated
How many people enter the work force each month? 1,000,000
What is India suffering from? Oil cost raising
Is the Rupee weak? Yes
Are there enough jobs in India? No, which leads to informal market
GDP Per capita? $1,900
Primary? Secondary? Tertiary? 17% 29% 53%
How much of India is informal? 2/3
Who started Sikhism? Guru Nanak
How many gurus where there? 10
What do Sikhs believe in? One god, equal rights, meditation, honesty, no drugs/alcohol/smoking
Where do Sikhs worship? A Gurudwara
What is a guru? Sikh teacher and holy scriptures.
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