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Define globalisation The breakdown of the transnational barriers between nation states allowing the movement of goods, people, capital and information.
Define Transnational Corporation (TNC) A company or organisation which possesses something in more than one country. Example: Coke, Mc Donalds
Gross domestic product (GDP) It measures the country's wealth. Is the amount of money they get from selling goods.
Globalisation has brought is closer together give examples . Takes about a week to send a letter to anywhere in the world . It only takes about 24hours from Australia to to travail where ever .The united Nation has helped prevent war and other problems
How has Western and American culture spread around the world The internet, satellites and cable TV
Whats a media giant? For example Time Warner, Disney and News corporation
What are some TNC's Coke cola, Disney, Nike, Windows, Mc Donald's
What is the united nations? is a global origination which works together to achieve goals.
What are some things the United nations do? Example: World peace and security, encourage friendly relationships among nations, promote respect for human rights and basic freedom etc
What are the 4 oceans? Arctic, Pacific, Indian, Atlanic ocean
What are the 7 continents ? North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Antarctica
Define developing country's A term used to describe and group the world poorest countryes in which most people in that country have low standards of living
Define Developed country's Is country's that have high living standards and a democratic system of government
Define Absolute Poverty The condition of having so little food, money or resources that you can barely survive.
Define Malnutrition The condition suffered when a person does not get enough nutrition to have normal body functions because of poor diet
Define Gross Domestic product (GDP) per capita To measure the country's wealth. It is the amount of money the country gets from selling goods per person
Define Hunger Is caused by a long term lack of access of food
Define Famine Is a server shortage of food in a region caused by drought, floods, wars or pests
Define Human Development Index (HDI) Used to rank country's by level of human development and helps separates developed, developing and underdeveloped country's
What are some water-related diseases? Diarrhea, malaria, schistosomiais and hookworm
What are some water infrastructures? Dams, Water treatment plants, lay pipes, water recycling plants and desalination plants
What are some reasons for lack of safe water? Drought, No sewerage, lack of money etc
Where would you find a slum? Around a city in a poor country
Define infant mortality rate Is the amount of deaths per 1000 of baby's under the age of 1 year
Define an active citizenship involves individuals and groups influencing decision-making on different scales
Why can people from Australia live longer that people from other places? Because in Australia we have more money which helps with medical services, food and safe water.
Define Ecological Sustainability Is ensuring that we can meet the needs of the present population without endangering the future generations
Define Global Warming The warming of the atmosphere which some scientists believe is caused by burning fossil fuels
Define renewable energy Is replaced over a short period of time
Define non-renewable energy Is replaced over millions of years
Examples of Non-renewable energy Fossil fuels, coal and oil which is not recyclable like Aluminum, gold, lead, silver, tin and mercury
Examples of Renewable energy solar energy, tidal, waves, water and wind
The Worlds resources are unequally divided, show this
Define Sustainable Development Where the earths resources are used in a way to ensure they will last for the future generations
What is the greenhouse effect? Is the result of some of the sun's heat being trapped within the atmosphere rather than being reflected into space. This keeps the Earth climate stable this is natural
What is the enhanced green house effect? Is where more of the heat is getting trapped into the earths atmosphere because of the pollution trapping it in. This leads to global warming.
What causes the greenhouse effect? . The burning of fossil fuels . Carbon Monoxide . CFC . CO2 from cutting down of trees
Whats the impacts of climate change? 1. Rising of the sea levels 2. Glaciers it mountain areas 3. Breaking up of ice shelves 4. Plants growing faster 5. Bacteria and fungi growing faster
Solutions for climate change • Turn off the lights • Ride a bike instead of drive • Carbon tax • Recycling • Plant trees
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