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Define isomers compounds with the same molecular formular but different arrangement of atoms
Define structural isomers compounds with the same molecular formular but different structures
Define stereoisomers molecules with the same molecular and structural formular, but bonds arranged differently in space
Define chain isomerism When there are two or more ways of arranging the carbon skeleton of a molecule
Define position isomerism Same carbon skeleton and functional group, but with the functional group joined at different places on the carbon chain
Define functional group isomerism compounds with the same molecular can contain different functional groups
Define geometric isomerism Alkenes that have two different groups on each side of the C of the C=C double bond.
why do alkenes have geometric isomerism? They have a C=C double bond which means that they can not rotate.
Define optical isomer Molecules containing a C with four different groups attached to it.
Define Chiral A carbon atom that has four different groups attached
what is an entiomer? Two compounds that are optical isomers of each other
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