GCSE Geography restless earth

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Mount Pinatubo, Philippines Destructive plate boundary Eurasian plate subducted beneath pacific plate Composite volcano June 15th, 1991
Kilauea, Hawaii Constructive plate boundary Convection currents in mantle pull plates apart No deaths as eruption was predicted Shield volcano Basalt lava
Oceanic crust Forms the land Thick Low density Mostly granite
Oceanic crust Under the sea Thin High density rock Mostly basalt
Lithosphere Top of mantle and crust
Constructive plate margin
Collision plate margin
Conservative plate margin
Destructive plate margin
Balsatic magma Shield volcano Usually found at constructive margins High temp, low silica, low gas content Fluid Little explosive activity
Andesidic magma Composite volcano Usually found at destructive margins Lower temp, more silica, dissolved gasses More likely to explode when reaches surface
Granitic magma Steep-sided dome volcano Low temp, high silica Very viscus and sticky Usually cools and becomes igneous rock before reaching surface
Haiti 12th January 2010 Conservative plate margin Plates move same direction 316,000 people killed, 1 million homeless
Christchurch, New Zealand 22nd February 2011 Conservative plate margin Plates move opposite direction 181 people killed
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