Chapter 2.4 - Cell to organism

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2.4 - Cell to organism Fatima Syeda 8A
What are tissues? Tissues are similar specialised cells working together to complete a specific task.
What are the four types of tissues?
What are organs? Tissues are grouped together into organs, all the different tissues contribute to the job that the organ has to do.
List some examples of organs... There are many different organs in your body, such as the liver, kidneys and heart, even your skin is an organ!
In the heart, the tissues work together to pump blood around the body.
What are organ systems? The organs of your body do not work independently, organs are assigned so that they can work together to complete a task. These organs form an organ system.
What are the different organ systems?
What is the job of the respiratory system? It gets oxygen from the air into your body and gets rid of waste carbon dioxide.
What is the function of the nervous system? Nervous system sends messages from your sense organs to the brains and from the brain to other parts of the body, including the muscles.
How does the reproductive system work? It creates and transports the specialised cells necessary for reproduction. In females it provides structures and nutrients for the development of the baby.
Plants have fewer organs and organ systems than animals.
What is the function of vascular tissue? Materials are transported around plants via vascular tissues. Vascular tissue is composed of two types of cells.
What are the two types of vascular tissue? Xylem- carries water from the roots (long thin tubes with strong walls that help support the plant) Phloem- carries glucose from leaves to other plant parts
What are the main organs of a plant? The main organs of a plant are its roots, stems and leaves. These organs work together to bring together the raw materials required for photosynthesis.
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