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SSAT Upper Level Verbal (Vocab, Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes ) Flashcards on SSAT Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes Notecards , created by Anne.C on 11/26/2014.

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an- prefix: without, opposite to
ab- prefix:from
ad- prefix: to or toward
ante- prefix: before
anti- prefix: against, opposite
auto- prefix: self
bi- prefix: two
circum- prefix: around
de- prefix: away from
dia- prefix: through or across
dis- prefix: away from, not
en- prefix : to put into
ex- prefix: former
extra- prefix: outside or beyond
hyper- prefix: over, more
il- or ir- prefix: not or without
in- or im- prefix: in or to
inter- prefix: between
intra- prefix: within
macro- prefix: big
mal- prefix: bad or wrong
micro- prefix: small
mono- prefix: one
multi- prefix: many
non- prefix: without, not
peri- prefix: around
post- prefix: after
pre- prefix: before
semi- or hemi- prefix: half
sub- prefix: under
syn: prefix: same
trans- prefix: across
tri- prefix: three
un- prefix: not
uni- prefix: one, together
-able suffix: able to be
-acy suffix: state or quality
-al suffix: act or process of
-an or -ain suffix: relating to or belonging to
-ance or -ence suffix: state or quality of
-ant suffix: a person who
-arian suffix: a person who
-ate suffix: to have or be characterized by
-cide suffix: the act of killing
-cracy suffix: rule of government, power
-dom suffix: place or state of being
-dox suffix: belief
-en suffix: to become, smarten, enlighten
-er or -or suffix: the one who
-ese suffix: relating to a place
-esque suffix: in the style of
-fy and -ify suffix: (making the word a verb)
-full suffix: to make full of
-gam or -gamy suffix: the marriage or unity of
-gon -gonic suffix: angle
-hood suffix: state, condition, or quality
-ile suffix: relating to or capable of
-ious or -ous suffix: characterized by
-ish suffix: having the quality of
-ism suffix: doctrine or belief
-ist suffix: one who
-ity or -ty suffix: the quality of
-ive suffix: having the nature of
-ize suffix: become
-ment suffix: the condition of
-ness suffix: the state of being
-phile suffix: one who loves
-phobia suffix: unnatural fear of
-ship suffix: position held
-sion of -tion suffix: the state of being
annu or enni root: year
anthrop root: man
ast root: star
audi root: to hear
auto root: self
bene root: good
bio root: life
chrono root: time
civ root: citizen
cred or creed root: believe
dem or demo root: people
dict root: to say
duct root: to lead or make
gen root: to give birth to
geo root: the earth
graph root: write
jur or jus root: law
log or logue root: thought or word
luce root: light
manu- root: hand
mand or mend root: to order
min root: small, little
mis or mit root: to send
nov root: new
omni root: all
pan root: all
patr or pater root: father
path root: to feel
phil root: love
phon root: sound
photo root: light
poli root: of the city
port root: to carry
qui(t) root: to rest or stop
scrib or script root: to write
sens or sent root: to feel
sol root: sun
tele root: far off
terr root: earth
tract root: to draw or drag
vac root: empty
vid or vis root: to see
vit root: vital, life
zo root: life
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