GRE Verbal Reasoning Vocabulary Flashcards 2

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The second batch of a set of vocabulary flashcards for the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE general test. Use on the GoConqr mobile app to revise for the test on the go... More GRE vocab flashcards here:

Sarah Egan
Created by Sarah Egan about 4 years ago
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GRE Verbal Reasoning Vocabulary Flashcards 3
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Congenital present from birth
Connoisseur person with refined taste and good judgment
Consecrate declare sacred
Consensus general agreement
Conspicuous easily seen; prominent
Consummate complete; total; supremely good
Contemporary from the same time, or from the present time
Contiguous adjacent; touching; abutting
Contrite sorry; remorseful
Contrition sorrow and repentance
Contumacious stubborn; disobedient
Contusion a bruise
Conundrum a puzzle
Conventional usual; customary; common
Corpulent fat
Corrugated bent in folds
Counterfeit fake; false
Covert hidden; undercover
Cower recoil in fear; shrink away from
Credible believable
Creditable praiseworthy
Credulous gullible; willing to believe
Crepuscular active at twilight
Cringe recoil; flinch; shrink from
Cryptic puzzling; enigmatic
Culpability guilt; blameworthiness
Cumbersome bulky; difficult to carry
Curtail cut short; diminish
Cynical distrusting the motives of others
Damp reduce in extent; deaden
Debility weakness; incapacity
Debunking exposing false claims or myths
Decathlon an athletic contest with ten events
Decorum dignified, correct behavior
Decoy lure; trap; trick
Deference respect
Defoliate cause loss of leaves
Defunct no longer in existence
Degradation deprivation; poverty; debasement
Deleterious harmful; injurious
Deliberate slow; on purpose; to think about
Delineation demarcation; explanation; definition; outlining
Demagogue mob leader (appeals to passion/prejudice)
Demur hesitate; object
Denounce condemn; speak out against
Deplete use up; lessen
Deplore regret
Depravity moral corruption
Deprecate criticize; denounce
Deride ridicule; make fun of; mock
Derogatory disparaging
Desecrate to damage or pollute a holy place
Desecration make something sacred profane; treat with sacrilege
Desist stop; cease
Despondent showing or feeling hopeless
Destitution hardship; poverty; misery
Deter put off; prevent
Deteriorate worsen; decline
Detrimental harmful
Devoured consumed greedily
Dexterity skill; agility
Dexterous skillful in using hands or body
Diaphanous sheer; transparent
Dichotomy division into two opposing parts
Didactic instructive; inclined to teaching
Diffident lacking confidence; shy
Digress deviate from topic or path
Dike dam; embankment; ditch
Dilatory tardy; tending to delay
Dilemma difficult, perplexing choice
Dilettante someone who studies or takes up an activity superficially
Diligent hard-working
Diorama constructed model of a scene
Dirge mournful song (usually funeral)
Disapprobation condemnation; disapproval
Discern distinguish; recognize
Discord disagreement; difference of opinion
Discrepancy inconsistency; difference
Discriminate distinguish between things based on type
Discursive rambling; argumentative
Disdain contempt; despise
Disinterested impartial; unbiased
Disparage criticize; belittle
Disparity inequality; difference
Dispassionate neutral; objective
Dispatch send
Disseminating spreading widely; broadcasting
Diurnal active in daytime
Divert distract; detour
Docile easily managed or trained
Dogmatic opinionated
Dolt dull, stupid person
Dotard feeble-minded older person
Drawl speak in a slow drawn out manner
Drivel nonsense
Droll dryly amusing; whimsical
Dubious doubtful
Dupe to fool someone
Dynamic lively; vibrant; energetic
Ebullient enthusiastic; high spirited
Eccentric unusual; odd; peculiar
Eclectic comprised of different sources
Edifice large building or organization
Efface wipe out; erase
Effigy a model of a person, usually for ridicule
Effrontery boldness; audacity
Effusive overflowing; demonstrative
Egalitarianism belief in equality
Egregious extraordinary, in a negative way; flagrant
Egress exit
Ellipsis omission of words from a sentence, or marks to illustrate this (…)
Eloquent fluent and persuasive in speech
Elucidate explain; make clear
Elusive evasive; hard to pin down
Emaciated very thin; withered
Emancipate free from restraint
Embezzle defraud; steal
Embroil bring into conflict
Emerge come forth; arise
Emulate imitate in attempt to surpass
Encomium expression of praise
Endorse approve
Endurance staying power; patience; stamina
Enduring permanent; lasting
Enfranchise give voting rights
Engender cause; beget
Enhance improve; make better
Enigma puzzle; mystery
Ensconce settle securely
Enshroud conceal
Enunciation pronunciation; pronouncement
Envenom to embitter
Ephemeral short-lived; transitory
Epicure a person with refined taste in food and drink
Epistemology theory of knowledge
Epistle a letter
Epistolary related to letters; through correspondence
Epitomized typified; characterized; personified
Equivocate speak ambiguously; avoid telling the truth
Err make a mistake
Erratic irregular
Esoteric obscure; understood by few
Espouse adopt (a cause); marry
Etymology the study of word origins
Eulogy praise, or speech praising someone
Euphemism a mild or polite phrase to cover something offensive
Euphony agreeable harmonious sounds
Evacuate vacate; empty
Exacerbate make worse
Exasperated frustrated; annoyed
Exceptionable objectionable
Exculpate clear someone from blame; vindicate
Execrable abominable; very bad
Exegesis explanation or interpretation of text
Exemplary serving as an example
Exemplify to serve as a good example
Exhaustive comprehensive; thorough
Exonerates acquits; absolves
Exorcism expelling (of evil spirits)
Expatriate someone living away from home country
Expedient convenient; practical
Expedite hasten; speed up
Exposition clear explanation
Extant still in existence
Extirpate exterminate; destroy totally
Extirpation wiping out; complete destruction
Extol praise
Extradite deport from one country to another
Extraneous irrelevant
Extrapolate infer from what is known
Extrinsic external
Fallacious false
Falter hesitate; waver
Fanatical obsessive; fixated
Fastidious overly particular; painstaking
Fatuous silly; foolish
Feasible possible; suitable
Feckless ineffective; lazy
Fecund fertile
Feint move to deceive an opponent
Felicitous apt; appropriate
Fervor passion; enthusiasm
Fickle unpredictable; changeable
Finesse skill
Fitful not continuous; recurring irregularly
Flagrant shockingly obvious
Flamboyant showy; ornate
Flaunt show off; parade conspicuously
Flippant lacking in seriousness
Flout defy; treat with disdain
Flustered agitates; excited
Foppish vain; overly concerned with appearance
Forensic concerned with public debate (usually legal)
Fortitude bravery
Fortuitous happening by chance; fortunate
Fractious irritable; unruly
Fraudulent fake; false
Frivolous not serious
Froward contrary; disobedient
Frugal economical