Language, Dialect, Diversity and culture

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what is dialect? mutually intelligble form of language that differ in systematic ways. regional or social varietes of language that differ in terms of their pronunciation
what is an accent? varieties of language that differ only with pronunciation
what is dialect affected by? language contact- speakers shape the dialect of the sorrounding area by: 1. population movement 2. expanding transportation 3. shifting cultural centers from urban cities to suburban neighborhoods
what is dialectal diversity? happens when changes occur in on region to a group and do not spread. may be due to physical barriers ocean/mountains or sical boundaries.
what is dialectal leveling? refers to movement toward greater uniformity and less variation among dialects
what are regional dialects? dialect based on where you live
what are the phonological differences in dialects Accent 2 types 1.regional phonological or phonetic distinctions 2. speech of a non native speakers of a secod language with phonological dfferences
semantic or lexical difference in dialects the way we may say various words differnent according to where you live
what are the syntactic difference in dialects changes in word order in sentences
what are social dialects dialect based on social connections due to socioeconomic status, religion, ethnicity, racial differences, gender
what is standard american english? english that many nearly speak-idealized not clearly defined
What are banned languages? dialects that countries did not allow as opposed to the prestige dialect
what is a genderlect? difference in men and woman and the way they speak. Lakoff identified several linguistic features that were used by women more than men
exampls of male and female genderlect linguistic features hedges ( might, maybe) Tag questions ( don't you think) Politness words Use of intnsifiers
what is pidgin when speakers of different languages come together for trade and through colonization or immigration they may create a new languange. Pidgins are rule governed but have simplified grammatical systems and lexicons. Most of the vocan comes from the dominant language
pidginization involves a simplification of some language and a reduction of the number of domains of its use
creolization involves the expansion of the lexicon and grammar and an increase of the number of contexts used
what is creole ? a language that has evolved in a contact situation to become the native language of a generation of speakers. A creole is just as complex as any human language.
what is the process that many linguists believe is part of the pidgin lifestyle? 1. first the pidgin has no native speakers ad is strictly contact language reserved for special functions and has very clear grammtical rules and few word 2. later if pidgin continues , the pidgin become stabilized 3. if children begin to learn the stabilized pidgin as a native languagae the it becomes a creole
what are styles or registers? different way of speaking based on the context example:people usually speak different to a friend then they do in an interview.
what is slang? something that nearly everbody uses and recgonize but no one can precisely define. slang introduce new words by the combo of two words and new words. and can als ascrive new meanings to old words
what is jargon? the specialized terms used in various occupations jargons are used partly for clarity of communication and partly for speakers toe identify themselves with people with shared interests
what is euphemism? a word or phrase that replaces a taboo word or to avoid unpleasant subjects example: because death is feared people often speak of passing on or passing away rather than dying
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