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General material response to temperature? As the temperature increases materials expand, the elastic modulus decreases as well as strength upon approaching the m.p. One melted the material has lost all strength and stiffness.
Maximum Service Temperature The maximum temperature a material can reach before risk of oxidation, chemical changes or excessive deformation.
Minimum Service Temperature The minimum temperature before a material becomes unsafe to use or too brittle to handle.
Glass Transition Temperature Temperature where the amplitude of vibration becomes so large that the VDW bonds become ineffective (amorphous)
Heat Capacity The energy required to raise the temperature of 1kg of material by 1K. (J/kg. K)
Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient Measures the thermal strain per degree of temperature (K-1)
Thermal Conductivity Measures the flow of heat through a solid material in a steady-state (W/m .K)
How do you measure Thermal Diffusivity? can be calculated directly from the time taken for a known temperature pulse to travel a set thickness when the heat is applied briefly on one side.
What makes a good Heat Exchanger? must be able to transfer heat and withstand internal pressure from the fluids. (high thermal conductivity and yield strength)
What makes a good insulator? Minimize power loss (low thermal conductivity)
What is the objective for a Storage Heater? store as much heat per unit cost as possible. (also consider Tmax)
What are the 3 processing families? Shaping, Joining and Finishing
What are the lower limits of Casting and Moulding? Section thickness imposed by the physics flow. lrg SA=heat loss= premature cooling and solidification.
How could you get very thin materials? Either rolling or high pressure die-casting and molding methods.
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