Growth Stages of a Team

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Looks Like: -People going seperate ways -team disbands -shaking hands -a presentation Adjourning
Feels Like: -If team is successful... feeling of accomplishment -If team is unsuccessful... feeling of anger and disappointement Adjourning
Sounds Like: -people saying goodbye -happy or disappointed tone Adjourning
Real life: -a presentation to the board of directors Adjourning
Real Life: -CEO's of 2 companies coming to an agreement on a merge Adjourning
Looks Like: - shaking hands -people being introduced -familiarizing themselves with others -explaining one's strength's and weaknesses Forming
Sounds Like: -Hello nice to meet you -How are you doing today? -my name is... Forming
Feels like... -awkward -strange -overwhelming -weird Forming
Real Life: When us estem students came together to complete backpack project, deciding the roles of the project and whose backpack would be used Forming
Looks Like: -arguing -chaos -crying -leaving (team) Forming
Sounds Like: -yelling -shouting -screaming -debating Storming
Feels like: -anger -sad -loneliness -confusion Storming
Real life: A company sets up a team to design a product. The team members debate over who they think should be the leader. One member believes they should nominate someone and another member wants to become leader. The two decide it is best to pick a capable leader. Storming
Looks Like: -team members acceptong each other -working together -team member stop competing/complaining Norming
Sounds like: - we can do it. -We have good ideas. -Now if we could just put these two together Norming
Fells Like: - be able to give ideas without judgement -being able to find you place -closeness, unity, and independence Norming
Real Life: Start of Brainstorming stage Norming
Real life: - the design process will begin Norming
Looks like: -team members helping one another, taking responsibility, working hard, and make sure it goes according to schedule when designs are tested Preforming
Sound Like: -what needs finished -this team is fun -everyone is working hard and pulling together Preforming
Feels like: -Accomplished -committed -stressed -responsible Preforming
Real life: -Making a car (everyone gets assigned their own parts and works together) Preforming
Real life: Designing a new computer Preforming
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