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Question 1 tips e2d6d465-6e05-460b-847f-2300cdf7ec7a.jpg (image/jpg) Intro=Summary, learn Points succinctly Link different parts/ideas Underlying meanings, interpret statements
Key words Full understanding, detail engagement, perceptive 10caa960-97fa-4fa9-8a54-7fb95e0dbf47.jpg (image/jpg)
Approach? Reading, summarise, para, 2 own words. Quotations support. Connect different aspects. Learn! No speculation 0978c16f-4145-4eb6-b561-15969a6b7887.jpg (image/jpg)
Don't write a summary... 98238e01-6d10-494c-bd9b-c478c6a3b4d2.jpg (image/jpg) in exactly the order of the article! 3bab48d9-8b9f-4067-b94e-da1f992af85c.jpg (image/jpg)
Show engagement without adding extra info? Link different areas! Own words! Short comments like "this is a surprising thing for the reader to learn"! Phrases like "this suggests, this implies, in contrast, this is re-enforced/ contradicted later in the article"
Structure? Most important aspect! 2nd= Opening "The article opens with..."! Middle=Other major points of article! End= End, quotation
Only write about What you learn about the named topic! Nothing else! "I/we/the reader learn (s)..."
Question 2 approach? Analyse pic + headline. Annotate points of interest. Links from text. Write, words + techniques of headline first.
Write about? Words (create wonder, drama, shock), incongruous vocab (words seem odd together), techniques
Write about? Link headline to text: Emphasizing info in headline, more detail introduced, answering intriguing question created, contrasting, contradict, showing making an issue, irony, hyperbole for humour, repetition, statistics, emotive, imagery
Picture? Unusual aspects, colour, clothes, expression, type of shot (close up, wide shot), position, setting, diagrams
Tip Link all points to the text!
Question 3... Explain, thoughts, feelings in order
Introduce any major emotional changes clearly! 4b37cd22-499e-47fa-bd9c-3bd037ba2be3.jpg (image/jpg) eg. "When... his emotions change..." "Half way through the extract... his feelings of delight intensify"
Make sure... Points: beginning, middle + end
"perceptive explanations and interpretations" of quotations without writing about language or content? Focus points on thoughts and feelings! "He thinks"! "He feels"!
Keep the reader and "I"... out of your answer!
Write in order! c03eaaa1-8aa7-4e68-868f-7f56576555db.jpg (image/jpg) Write in order! f6479a9d-d263-48bc-9a51-90e277057b1b.jpg (image/jpg)
Ban from answer: "He feels good/bad"
Don't focus on language analysis! Focus on thoughts/feelings! 893a8606-54a1-4d34-9c09-58af80699c6f.png (image/png)
Question 4 skills? Analyse language, compare
Write about language! Not audience, purpose, content
Don't make generalised comments about language eg. "It's formal"
No year 7 comments eg. "paints picture in reader's mind"
Select strong examples, not use of pronouns Exciting
Develop + analyse points PEE! High level interpretations. Language. Not content. Compare language. Choose 3-4 points/ areas
Not omission comparisions eg. "Source 1 doesn't have a metaphor but the other does."
Both create... Both use... but...
Highlight interesting language + write effects (eg. sympathy, wonder at setting, atmosphere of fear) 3-4 major areas of comparison, based on effects by language eg. Both writers use imagery, emphasize danger. Both setting, but language is very different.
Analyse words in great detail 1 word, 3 points
Language of comparison throughout On the other hand, similarly, both, but, however, unlike source 2, source 3, instead of
Question 5 circles? 1. Personal 2. Deep meaning
Question 6 circles? 1. Me 2. Groups 3. Global 4. Ideas
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