Organic Reactions Unit 4

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Aldehyde to a hydroxy-nitrile uses which reagent? HCN (KCN/\(OH^-\))
What are Benedict's and Fehlings both? Oxidising agents
What is the difference between Benedict's and Fehlings? Benedict's is in \(NaCO_3\) (aq) but Fehlings is in NaOH (aq)
What is a the name and colour of the substance formed in a positive result for Benedict's and Fehlings? \(Cu_2O\), red-orange ppt
What is another name for Tollens? Silver mirror test
What forms during the tollens test? Solid silver and ammonia
Which organic compounds give a positive result with 2,4-DNPH? And what is observed? Aldehydes and Ketones
What is the reagent(s) for the Iodoform test and what compound is formed? \(I_2\)/NaOH \(CHI_{3(s)}\), pale yellow crystals smelling of antiseptic
2 reducing agents and compounds they can reduce \(LiAlH_4\) or \(NaBH_4\) or \(LiBH_4\). Carb A's, aldehydes and ketones
What does iodoform test test for? \(H_3\)C-C=O
Ketone + KCN/\(OH^-\) --> Hydroxy-nitrile
Carboxylic A + alcohol --> Ester
Nitrile + \(H_2O\) + \(H^+\) ---> Name of reaction and conditions Carb A + \(NH_4^+\) (ammonium) Hydrolysis of nitriles Reflux/boil
Carb A + \(PCl_5\) --> Acyl chloride + \(POCl_3\) + \(HCl_{(g)}\)
What is the formula for potassium dichromate? \(K_2Cr_2O_7\)
Formula for transesterification Ester + alcohol --> new ester
What does esterification produce? Ester + water
Equation for acid hydrolysis of an ester Ester + \(H_20\) + \(H^+\) --> carb A + alcohol
Acyl chloride + alcohol --> Ester + HCl
Dicarboxylic A + diol --> Ester-linked polyester + water
Acyl Chloride + water --> List any conditions Carb A + \(HCl_{(g)}\) Cold water
Acyl Chloride + conc. ammonia --> Amide + \(HCl_{(g)}\)
Acyl Chloride + Amine --> N-substituted amide + \(HCl_{(g)}\)
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