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John Locke "Tabula rasa". Idea at birth we are born a blank slate; " a white sheet of paper on which experience writes o"
nature vs. nurture: long standing debate in psychology over relative contributions of nature (heredity, genetics) vs. nurture (experience, learning)
Empiricism View that knowledge originates in experience and that science should rely on observation & experimentation
Functionalism William James' approach; focuses on how mental & behavioral processes enable an organism to function, adapt, & survive
William James Wrote the 1st psych textbook; gave the 1st psych lecture at Harvard
Sigmund Freud; psychoanalysis; dream interpretation
stressed studying observable behavior ONLY
Humanistic Psychology More optimistic approach; emphasizes growth & potential; BIG IDEAS-self-actualization, unconditional positive regard Abraham Maslow & Carl Rogers
cognitive neuroscience study/ approach in psych that emphasizes the interaction of thought processes & brain functions. Ex. cognitive neuroscience important to understanding & treating disorders such as depression
Natural selection Charles Darwin's Theory: "survival of the fittest"; tied to evolutionary perspective of psychology
Neuroscience (aka biomedical) perspective that emphasizes the study of the brain and its effects on behavior
Psychodynamic perspective Sigmund Freud's approach; emphasizes unconscious drives and conflicts
Socio-cultural perspective approach in psychology that emphasizes social & cultural influences on behavior Ex. Individualism vs. collectivism; facial expression
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