Evaluating Types of Attachment

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Evidence supporting an infant's behaviour in later childhood according to the Strange Situation Prior and Glaser found that a child's behaviour was dependant on whether they were securely or insecurely attached.
Evidence supporting a child's later romantic behaviour according to the Strange Situation Bowlby thought this was because the mother's behaviour creates an internal working model of relationships that the infant expects to find in later relationships.
Evidence supporting a mothers sensitivity affecting an infants behaviour according to the Strange Situation Ainsworth developed the Maternal Sensitivity Scale to rate mother's behaviours such as sensitivity/ insensitivity to infant's signals, acceptance/ rejection, cooperation/ interference, and accessibility/ ignoring.
Evidence contradicting a mothers sensitivity affecting an infants behaviour according to the Strange Situation Raval et al/ Slade et al found a greater role for maternal reflective functioning- the ability to understand what someone else is thinking, meaning that this rather than sensitivity may be the central mechanism in establishing attachment type.
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