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Beringia An ancient land bridge linking Asia and North America
Black Death Two strains of Bubonic Plague that killed half of the 14th century W Europe
Chattel Slavery system of people being personal property bought and sold
Chinampas Floating Aztec gardens
Crusades Christian Europeans recovering the Holy Land in 11th, 12th, 13th Centuries
Feudal Society Serfs, knights provide labor to gain protection and use of land from noble lords
Inquisition Catholic Church rooting out imposter Christians ( practicing Jews and Muslims )
Koran Islam's (Bible) holy book by one author Muhammad in 7th Century
Matriarchy Woman have political power
Mita Incan labor tax where families donate labor to the community
Polygyny More than one wife
Quipu Incan device for record-keeping with colored threads and knots
Reconquista Spain's 800-year holy war with Islam
Serf peasant tied to land and lord
Three Old Worlds Native American, African, and European
Pre - Columbian before Europeans
Paleo-Indians Old stone age of hunters and gatherers
Pre-Columbian Societies Mayan, Aztec, Anasazi, Mississippian
Teotihuacan Mayan urban center, pyramid
Mayan 150-900AD Writing, Math, Calander, city-states
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