The Age of Exploration and Discovery

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The Age of Exploration and Discovery
1 Portuguese
1.1 Sailed East
1.1.1 India
1.2 Prince Henry
1.2.2 Son of King John of Portugal
1.2.3 Prince Henry the Navigator
1.2.4 Set up a school of navigation - Sagres
1.2.5 Sierra Leone - Africa
1.2.6 1460 - death
1.3 Bartholomew Diaz
1.3.1 1487 reached cape of storms - later the cape of good hope because there was now hope in reaching India.
1.4 Vasco da Gama
1.4.1 Malindi - Kenya Arab pilot to Caliut India Returned with great quantities of cloves, cinnamon and other spies And jewels,rubies and precious stones
2 Spanish
2.1 Sailed West
2.2 Columbus
2.2.1 Believed the world was round
2.2.2 By sailing west into the Atlantic ocean he would discover a sea-route to china and India
2.2.3 italian
2.2.4 Prince Ferdinand and Queen Isabella - Sponser 7 years pleading paid for 3 ships a nao - Santa Maria and caravels - the Nina and the Pinta The Pinzon brothers commanded the Nina and The Pinta Food for the journey - salted meat,bread,dried fruit,beans,garlic,wine
2.2.5 3rd August - Palos departured Reached the CANARY ISLANDS to take on supplies 33 days later landed on SAN SALVADOR claimed for Spain. Later they explored Jamaica,Hispaniola and Cuba Referred to the people as Indians as he thought he was in India remarked 'they ought to make good servants' Santa Maria was wrecked,The 'Indians' helped rebuild it Returned to Palos with the remaining two ships and a llittle gold,parrots and 6 kidnapped 'Indians' Was given the title of 'Admiral of the Sea' Died a bitter and disappointed man
3 Why did people want to explore new trade routes?
3.1 Greed,power and glory
3.1.1 Control of 'new lands' Supply Gold,slaves,agricultural land,spies
3.1.2 Leaders of voyages were promised riches and posh titles Christopher Columbus
3.2 Safer and cheaper trade
3.2.1 The Spice Islands
3.2.2 Turkish Empire
3.2.3 Cloves,cinnamon,peppers,ginger Spices were used to preserve food and in medicines
3.2.4 Silks - China
3.2.5 Jewels - India
3.3 Religion
3.3.1 Convert people to Christianity
3.3.2 Believed Christianity was the one true religion
3.4 The Renaissance Spirit
3.4.1 Questioning Spirit
3.4.2 Confidence in their abilities
3.5 Adventure
3.6 Prester John-African King (myth)
3.6.1 To defeat the turks Crusades Old Enemies
4 What made voyages possible?
4.1 Ships
4.1.1 Naos - larger ships towards the end of the 15th century.
4.1.2 Caravels Square Sails Clinker Built Large rudders Triangular lateen sails Tack or sail against the wind
4.2 Aids to Navigation
4.2.1 Compass told the direction
4.2.2 Log and Line measured speed
4.2.3 Swinging the lead - Depth of the water
4.2.4 Astrolabe/Quadrant calculate latitude Stars
4.2.5 portolan chartrs - accurate coastal charts
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