psychology: methodology and ethics


empirical research in psychology including basic terminology and skills
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Hypothesis A precise testable statement that predicts what is expected to happen to the variables in a research study. Usually based on the predictions of a theory.
Empirical research study Any activity that includes the organized collection and analysis of data.
Research method An activity that includes the organized collection and analysis of empirical data.
types of research methods -Quantitative research method -qualitative research method
Quantitative research method ~The information is numerical ~Data analysis is in the form of statistics
Qualitative ~The information is in the meaning of the data ~Data analysis is in the form of interpretation of the data to see what the data reveals.
The research process in experimental research
Evaluating empirical research studies The way an empirical study has been conducted is evaluated because a number of considerations can affect the interpretation of the data, such as: >Methodological considerations >Ethical considerations >Cultural considerations >Gender considerations
Psychological Theory A statement about a possible relationship between psychological variables.
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