GCSE Additional B2- Photosynthesis

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Photosynthesis equation... Carbon Dioxide+Water==>Glucose and Oxygen
Photosynthesis symbol equation... CO2+H2O==>C6H12O6+O2
Photosynthesis is... The process in which plants make food for themselves.
Chloroplasts.. Photosynthesis is what takes place here, these structures are full of chlorophyll. Light energy is absorbed by the green substance -chlorophyll. Reminder: ChloroPHYLLS up the chloroplasts.
Guard cells... CO2 enters though the guard cells' stomata, these stomata then keep in CO2 during the day and let in O2 during the night.
How is Photosynthesis used? The process is used by converting the CO2 from the air and the water from the soil into sugar (glucose).
The uses of a plants structure... -Carbon Dioxide is diffused into the leaves -water enters through the roots via the xylem tubes -Sugar is transported around the plant via the Phloem tubes -Chloroplasts absorb the light from the sun -Stomata is for the gas exchange of Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and water vapour
Factors that will affect a plant's photosynthesis rate... -A shortage of light- the higher the light intensity, the faster the rate of photosynthesis -Low temperature can also slow down the rate -A shortage of carbon dioxide is another staler for photosynthesis
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