AS Psychology: Cognitive Interview Revision

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C.I = Cognitive Interview; Basic outline of studies.

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FISHER (1987) Studied police interviews in Florida (4 months); Brief, direct, close-ended questions were asked = witnesses couldn't talk freely. Fisher: Interruptions 'unhelpful'
R.E Report Everything: Even minute details
C.R Context Reinforcement: Recall the scene; where you were, what day it was, etc.
R.O Change Order: Report the event in from a different point, rather than the beginning.
C.P Change Perspective: Recall Scene from a different POV
MILNE & BULL (2001) ? - All cognitive procedures tested (singly or in combination); All 4 better than standard technique; Most effective combination = R.E & C.R
FISHER ET AL (1990) ? - Real settings (Miami Police Interviews); Trained detectives to use C.I skills with real witnesses; significantly increased recall
KOEHNKEN ET AL (1999) ? - Witnesses questioned with C.I technique; witnesses recalled more INCORRECT info than with standard technique: probably due to more info being recalled overall
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