Loftus & Palmer (1974)

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Experiment 1 Aim To see if leading questions can distort memory
Researchers names (Dates) Loftus & Palmer (1974)
Experiment 1 Participants & Number of participants University of Washington students & 45 Participants - 9 in each condition
Experiment 1 Research Method & Type of Design Lab Experiment & Independent Samples
Experiment 1 Number of Conditions 5
Experiment 1 Number of film clips used 7
Experiment 1 Critical Question About how fast were the cars going when they ***** (into) each other
Experiment 1 Verbs used Smashed, collided, bumped, hit, contacted
Experiment 1 Independent variable & Dependent variable The verb used & The estimates of speed
Experiment 1 Mean estimates of speed in the 5 conditions 40.8, 39.3, 38.1, 34, 31.8
Experiment 1 Conclusion Leading questions can distort memory
Experiment 1 Generalisability Limited sample of university students
Experiment 1 Reliability Controlled environment allows replication
Experiment 1 Application Has highlighted the need for the police to ensure they do not ask leading questions
Experiment 1 Ecological Validity Ecological validity is low as the participants are prepared for the event
Experiment 1 Experimental validity Experimental validity is low if the results are due to demand characteristics (response bias)
Aim for Experiment 2 To distinguish between memory distortion and response bias
Experiment 2 Number of participants 150 participants - 50 in each condition
Experiment 2 Number of conditions 3
Experiment 2 Critical question About how fast were the cars going when they ***** (into) each other?
Experiment 2 Verbs Used Smashed, hit, none
Experiment 2 Independent variable The verb used
Experiment 2 Dependent variable Whether they remember seeing broken glass
Experiment 2 Time delay before final test One week
Experiment 2 Test question Did you see any broken glass?
Experiment 2 Results for smashed condition 16
Experiment 2 Results for hit condition 7
Experiment 2 Results for control condition 6
Experiment 2 Conclusion Memory can be distorted by post event information
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