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BENIGN /bɪˈnaɪn/ She was so gentle and benign, but worked so cleverly with people. We are not in a benign economic environment. pleasant, kind, gentle, not harmful благ, любезен, приятен, мил
WARY /ˈweə.ri/ People did not teach their children to be wary of strangers. They were very wary about giving him a contract. not completely trusting or certain about something or someone If you are wary of something or someone, you are cautious because you do not know much about them and you believe they may be dangerous or cause problems предпазлив, бдителен, внимателен
PRONE /prəʊn/ 1. He was prone to depression even as a teenager. She's prone to exaggerate, that's for sure. 2. Our window boxes were prone to vandalism. likely to suffer from an illness or show a particular negative characteristic склонен, предразположен често случващ се
CLOSE-KNIT a close-knit family community team consisting of people who do a lot of activities together and look after one another сплотен
CAPABLE /ˈkeɪpəb(ə)l/ 1. The aircraft is capable of flying 5,000 miles non-stop. 2. Although I was still technically still quite capable, the job became more difficult for me. 1. having the ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing способен, надарен, талантлив, умен 2. able to achieve efficiently whatever one has to do; competent компетентен
MULTIFACETED /ˌmʌl.tiˈfæs.ɪ.tɪd/ It's a multifaceted business, offering a range of services. The question is, of course, multifaceted, and perhaps the answer will be too. having many different parts or sides многостранен
INNATE /ɪˈneɪt/ They have an innate sense of rhythm and produce music using basic instruments. Children have no innate fear of water and must be carefully supervised. The annual concert was a fusion of education and entertainment as the kids displayed their innate talents. quality or ability that you were born with, not one you have learned вроден
SUSTAINABLE /səˈsteɪnəb(ə)l/ The challenge for any developing country lies in achieving a level of sustainable economic growth. It is essential, therefore, that the deficit is reduced to a sustainable level. able to be maintained at a certain rate or level устойчив, стабилен постоянен
EVEN-HANDED In order to be effective the law must be applied in a fair and even-handed way or it is no law at all. I admired him deeply because I felt he always was fair, even-handed and honest with me. fair and impartial in treatment or judgement справедлив, безпристрастен
UNDUE /ʌnˈdʒuː/ Such a high increase will impose an undue burden on the local tax payer. to a level that is more than is necessary, acceptable, or reasonable прекален, прекомерен, несъразмерен
SOLITARY /ˈsɒl.ɪ.tər.i/ In the distance was a solitary building. He was a solitary child (= he enjoyed being alone). I live a solitary life. He enjoys solitary walks in the wilderness. the only person or thing in a place единствен, само един (отделен) done alone усамотен, самотен
AGILE /ˈædʒ.aɪl/ 1. She was as agile as a monkey Monkeys are very agile climbers. You need to have agile fingers to do this kind of work. 2.Iin his conversation he displayed a quick, agile and fair mind. 1. able to move quickly and easily пъргав, подвижен, бърз 2. able to think and understand quickly (за ум): пъргав, жив, буден
COUNTER - INTUITIVE /ˌkaʊnt(ə)rɪnˈtjuːɪtɪv/ Steering a sailboat is counter-intuitive - you push the tiller the opposite way to the way you want to go. The results of Experiment 1 paint an interesting, and counter-intuitive, picture. opposite to what seems obvious or natural; contrary to intuition or to common-sense expectation. обратен на очакваното, противоречив
OUTLYING /ˈaʊtˌlaɪ.ɪŋ/ There is a shopping centre where all the people from outlying districts come in order to stock up. Communication with many outlying islands and coastal communities has been lost. far away from main towns and cities, or far from the centre of a place отдалечен, затънтен, далечен syn: distant, remote, off the beaten track
UNCANNY /ʌnˈkæn.i/ Soaring double-bass harmonics produced an uncanny, ghostly effect. He predicted the winners of each race with uncanny accuracy. strange or mysterious; difficult or impossible to explain тайнствен, мистериозен странен, свръхестествен
SALIENT /ˈseɪliənt/ What were the most salient features of the impeachment crisis and its most important political lessons? The report covered all the salient points of the case. (formal) most noticeable or important характерен, забележителен очевиден, очебиен syn: important, main, principal, major, chief, primary, notable
PROFOUND /prəˈfaʊnd/ 1. The experience had a very profound effect on me, both emotionally and spiritually. Please accept my profound regret and apology for any misunderstanding about that letter. 1. (of a state, quality, or emotion) very great or intense дълбок, силен syn: intense, extreme 2. (of a person or statement) having or showing great knowledge or insight начетен? проницателен, прозорлив syn: learned, clever, intelligent
MUNDANE /mʌnˈdeɪn/ Mundane matters such as paying bills and shopping for food do not interest her. But underneath all the excitement lurk the mundane pressures of the daily grind. very ordinary and therefore not interesting обикновен, ежедневен, рутинен, досаден
IRREVOCABLE /ɪˈrev.ə.kə.bəl/ Multiple factors have contributed to this seemingly irrevocable reversal of fortunes. It is an irrevocable change that needs to be accepted. impossible to change неотменим, окончателен, необратим безвъзвратен, фатален
FICKLE /ˈfɪkl/ 1. Always be properly dressed and prepared to cope with our fickle weather. 2. The public is not only fickle, but has a extremely short attention span. 1. changing often and suddenly непостоянен, променлив 2. (of a person) often changing their mind in an unreasonable way so that you cannot rely on them непостоянен, капризен
GROWN UP They're a middle-aged couple, with grown-up children. He seems very grown up for a ten-year-old. This book is a bit too grown up for you (= you are too young to understand this book). they are an adult or they behave in a responsible way пораснал
HAND HELD hand held computer designed that can be held and used easily with one or two hands мини
VIABLE /ˈvʌɪəb(ə)l/ It is hard to see any practical and viable alternative to the state at present. able to be done feasible изпълним, осъществим приложим (за план)
SHALLOW /ˈʃæl.əʊ/ 1. The stream was fairly shallow so we were able to walk across it. Fry the onions in a shallow pan. 2. I thought the film was pretty shallow. He's physically attractive, but shallow. 1. not deep плитък 2. not showing serious or careful thought повърхностен
SOLUBLE /ˈsɒl.jə.bəl/ Sugar is soluble in water. able to be dissolved to form a solution разтворим
DRAB /dræb/ 1. I'm really feeling quite drab and dull this week. 2. The landscape was drab and grey. 1. boring, especially in appearance скучен, еднообразен syn: dull, boring, monotonous 2. having little colour and excitement сив, мрачен, безцветен syn: colourless, grey
SEQUENTIAL /sɪˈkwɛnʃ(ə)l/ The steps are sequential and linked in the sense that each step was not possible without the previous step, and each step was motivated by the previous one. following in a logical order or sequence последователен
AUDITORY /ˈɔː.dɪ.tər.i/ Teaching methods use both visual and auditory stimulation. The implant is connected to the auditory nerve with thin wires. relating to the sense of hearing слухов
OUTWARD /ˈaʊt.wəd/ The outward appearance of the building has not changed at all in 200 years. If he is suffering, he certainly shows no outward sign of it. relating to how people, situations, or things seem to be, rather than how they are inside външен (който е на повърхността)
COMPREHENSIVE /ˌkɒm.prɪˈhen.sɪv/ He has written a fully comprehensive guide to Rome. Is this list comprehensive or are there some names missing? We gave the house a comprehensive spring clean. complete and including everything that is necessary обширен, всестранен, подробен, изчерпателен
SHEER /ʃɪər/ The suggestion is sheer nonsense. It was sheer chance that we met. My time in prison was sheer hell. used to emphasize how very great, important, or powerful a quality or feeling is; nothing except очевиден, чист, пълен, абсолютен, същински чиста глупост чиста случайност същински ад
FLASHY /ˈflæʃ.i/ You know the type, the hideous old men who buy flashy cars and date women half their age? I just want a good reliable car, nothing flashy. He was one of those flashy guys with too much money to throw around. looking too bright, big, and expensive in a way that is intended to get attention and admiration 1. крещящ, ярък, безвкусен; показен 2. наперен, нафукан syn: pretentious, extravagant
UNDENIABLE /ˌʌn.dɪˈnaɪ.ə.bəl/ It is an undeniable fact that ice is cold. unable to be denied or disputed неоспорим, неопровержим, безспорен несъмнен, явен syn: unquestionable, beyond doubt, beyond question
HEREDITARY /hɪˈred.ɪ.tər.i/ Depression is often hereditary. It is a hereditary title, so Mark Howard will become Sir Mark Howard on his father's death. passed from the genes of a parent to a child (of characteristics or diseases), or passed from parent to a child as a right (of titles and positions in society) наследствен, унаследен фамилен
VERSATILE /ˈvɜː.sə.taɪl/ He's a very versatile young actor who's as happy in highbrow dramas as he is in TV comedies. A leather jacket is a timeless and versatile garment that can be worn in all seasons. able to change easily from one activity to another or able to be used for many different purposes подходящ, използваем за различни цели
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