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Loopback address for IPv4 Multicast Address Loopback address for IPv6 - - - ::1
IPv4 address are commonly represented using ___ ___ in which the decimal value of each byte is shown, using periods to separate the bytes Dotted-Decimal Notation
enables routing by mapping their private network address to a different, routable network address Network Address Translation (NAT)
IPv6 uses ___bits, or __ bytes for addressing 128 / 16
IP security through the use of ____ is an integral part of IPv6. It is optional for IPv4 IPSEC
To support and use the DHCP service across multiple subnets, routers connecting, each subnet should comply with the DHCP/BOOTP relay agent capabilities described in ___ RFC 1542
allows network admins to specify one or more policies that define the conditions under which network access will or will not be permitted Network Access Protection (NAP)
Each host on a TCP/IP network should be configured with - IPv4 or IPv6 address - Subnet mask - Default gateway - DNS/WINS servers
the default installation of Windows server 2008 Enterprise Edition allows you to install __ different server roles 17
All disk drives in a Windows 2008 computer begin as ___ disks until they are converted to dynamic disks Basic
___ disks use partition tables Basic
Volumes on a ___ disk can be configured as simple, spanned, mirrored, striped, or RAID-5 volumes Dynamic
similar to a spanned volume in that it is made up of free space from multiple disks and uses RAID 0 striping Striped volume
a fault-tolerant volume where data is interleaved across three or more disks, with parity RAID-5 volume
used for one-time activation, can be activated via the internet, over the phone, or by using the volume activation management tool (VAMT) Multiple Activation Key (MAK)
allows you to host an activation service locally within your own network. Requires 25 Vista comps and 5 Windows 2008 comps Key Management Service (KMS)
contains the Windows operating system files Boot Volume
contains files necessary to boot the computer System Volume
When you create a new partition, you can either assign the partition a drive letter, or else you can configure it as a __ ___ that will appear as a folder within an existing drive letter Mount Point
was designed for diskless workstations that had no means of permanently storing their TCP/IP settings and was essentially the opposite of Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP)
a computer that provides DHCP config information to multiple clients DHCP Server
the default duration is ___ days 8
A DHCP client will perform the initial lease process in these situations - The very first time the client boots - After releasing its IP address - After receiving a DHCPACK message
If the lease reacquisition fails at T1, the DHCP client attempts a further lease renewal at ___ percent of the lease time 87.5%
the IP address defined in a ___ ____ must be contiguous and are associated with a subnet mask DHCP Scope
Each zone can either be a __ __ __ or a __ __ __ - Forward lookup zone - Reverse lookup zone
A zone that hosts a read/write copy of the DNS zone in which resource records are created and managed Standard Primary Zone
A DNS server running Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 also supports a new type of zone called a ___ ___ Stub Zone
contains the PTR resource record that translates from IP address to host names Reverse Lookup Zone
resource record (MX) specifies a server that is configured to act as a mail server for a DNS name Mail Exchanger
provides a means to remove records that become out-of-date Scavenging
a command-line tool built into TCP/IP to perform DNS queries and enable examination of the content of zone files on local and remote servers Nslookup
DNS uses __ __ __ __ to map a host name to an IP address Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)
Windows Server 2008 includes these three routing protocols that can be added to the Routing and Remote Access service - RIPv2 - iGMP Router and Proxy - DHCP Relay Agent
You can view the IP routing table by using the __ or ___ - Routing and Remote Access console - command prompt
The third column in the routing table indicates the ___ ___ for each routing table entry Gateway value
Routing and Remote Access server role can provide different types of connectivity for your network including remote access for clients either using ___ or ___ -Dial up - VPN access
802.1X provides port-based security through the use of three components : - Supplicant - Authenticator - Authentication Server (AS)
When you install additional storage on Windows 2008, you must address the following tasks: - Select a partitioning style - Select a disk type - Divide the disk into partitions/volumes - Format the partitions/volumes with a file system
True/False You can only have one active partition per hard disk TRUE
Essentially a method for combining the space from multiple dynamic disks into a single large volume Spanned Volume
Windows Server 2008 can support dynamic volumes as large as ___ terabytes 64
Provides the mechanism for associating meaningful host names with network addresses Domain Name System (DNS)
DHCP is based heavily on the ____ protocol that is used to provide IP config information to diskless workstations Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP)
Either a host or an IP router that listens for DHCP client messages being broadcast on a subnet and then forwards those DHCP messages to a DHCP server on a remote server DHCP Relay Agent
TRUE/FALSE: The routing service included with Windows 2008 is better suited for a smaller network TRUE
All new disks are initialized as basic disks, and can be initialized using one of two partition styles which are.... - Master Boot Record (MBR) - GUID Partition Table (GPT)
can be used to automatically assign a computer's IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
Sent by one or more DHCP servers to a DHCP client in response to DHCPDISCOVER, along with offered configuration parameters DHCPOFFER
Sent by a DHCP server to a DHCP client to confirm an IP address and to provide the client with those configuration parameters that the client has requested and the server is configured to provide DHCPACK
an unauthorized DHCP server is also called a.... Rogue DHCP server
a collection of host name-to-IP address mappings for hosts in a contiguous potion of the DNS namespace DNS zone
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