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What is HCI ? User-Centered Design Designing an interactive product to support the way people communicate and interact in their every day and working lives.
User-centered design Principals Early focus on users and tasks Observe, interview, learn any way you can Involve users throughout the process 2.Empirical measurement using quantifiable & measurable usability criteriaThis is the focus of the second class in this sequence 3.Iterative design Study, design, test, repeat
What is the name of the first computer ? ENIAC, the first general-purpose digital computer
Later digital computers relied on punch cards (through 1970s) Batch processing: Several days between submitting program and getting results True
Conceptual Problem Space ways help designers specify what is the they are doing, why, how it will support users in the way intend.
John Johnson and Austin Henderson ( 2002) defines _________ has lo "a high-level describe of how a system has organized an operation." What is this term called ? Conceptual model
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