Philosophy of Religion - AS - Theodicies/Problem of Evil

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Some flashcards for Theodicies/Problem of Evil, reminder notes and quick fire questions and basic and specific knowledge.

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Question Answer
What is a theodicy? Justifying belief in God, even though evil and suffering exist. They are also rational efforts to explain how evil can exist in the world if God exists.
Main argument in 'Problem of Evil'? "How can God be omnibenevolent, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, yet having evil still in the world".
What is moral evil? Moral evil is an act committed by a human being using their free will to commit an evil act - for example, stabbing someone.
What is natural evil? Natural evil is evil that cannot be caused or prevented by humans. It is natures disasters - for example, a hurricane or flood etc. However, we as humans are reluctant to blame an evil spirit for natural disasters and accept that it's just how nature works.
What is 'free will'? Free will is having the ability to make ones own decisions and choose freely between them.
What was a famous challenge to God's goodness and God's evil? Dostoevsky's 'The Brothers Karamazov' - Ivan puts forward 3 arguments against God that focus on the problem of evil. Babies being thrown. How can free will be worth innocent people suffering and how can an omnipotent God exist if suffering like this exists? Watch the news.
According to Epicurus how can the problem of evil be solved? 1) Evil is caused by creatures using their free will, 2) Evil is necessary so that people can develop valuable moral qualities such as compassion, 3) Allows us to develop a different understanding of the nature of God.
Intro to Augustine's theodicy - try to sum up. Greatly influenced by the creation stories by Genesis 1-3, took them literally about how the universe was created & as a mythological story containing strong values and meaning, believed in God as the O's, if God is the creator of this is earth why are people still alive & committing these acts of evil.