Data Dictionaries

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What is a data dictionary? 1. They ensure consistent data usage within a relational database. 2. If the data needs to be modified then the data dictionary will give all details about each table and field. 3. Each table within the database will have an associated data dictionary.
Table Name A unique name for each table in the database.
Table Security Who has access to write, update, edit or delete values to or from the table.
Keys Primary keys are identified
Relationships The relationships between tables are identified - one-to-many etc.
Field Name Each field is identified.
Field Data Type The data type given to each field - text/string/date/boolean etc.
Field Length The number of characters allocated for the contents of the field.
Field Default Value If a field has a default value that automatically appears on the creation of a new record.
Field Validation Any validation field applied to the field, i.e. drop-down box, look-ups and presence checks.
Indexes Any field that is indexed.
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