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who was the tsar of russia from 1855-1881? alexander ll
what did the tsar do in 1861? emancipate the serfs
what slogan was konstanin pobedonostev famous for? 'autocracy, orthodoxy and nationality'
what did the 'statue of state security' law establish? government controlled courts
how many newspapers were banned in the period 1882-1889? 14
what was the tsars secret police called okhrana
what was introduced in 1889 to help the tsar control russia? land captains
approx how many people died in the famine of 1891-1892 1.5 to 2 million people
two main men responsible for industrial reform under alexander ll vyshnegradsky 1887-1892 witte 1892-1903
what began construction in 1891? trans siberian railway made to help industrial reform
how much foreign investment did russia receive in the period 1897-1900 144 million roubles
in 1914 how much money did russia owe to other countries? 8 billion roubles
in 1913 how much did industry contribute to the national income? 20%
who became tsar in 1894? nicholas ll
what did the tsar refuse from 1894-1905 a parliament
what happened in odessa 1903? strikes which were eventually supressed by troops
what did the tsar encourage toward jews pogroms
role of the 'black hundreds'? support tsars governening
nationality of tsarina alexandra german
when did WWl start 1914
what was the russian church called russian orthodox church
1881 who died alexander ll
1904-5 what war took place russo japanese war
who replaced witte in 1905 pytor stolypin
when was stolypin assassinated september 18th 1911 Kiev ukraine
duma l - opens 27th april 1906 - dissolved after 72 days - known as duma of public anger -2/391 requests passed -
what was the vyborg manifesto? issued by 200 duma deputies asking russians to resist the tsar through non payment
duma ll - 20th feb 1907 till 3 june 1907 - passed a land reform - police framed radicals for encouraging mutinies so tsar dissolves it
duma lll - duma of lord and lackeys - 1907 till june 1912 - stolypin uses this to push through land reforms
duma lV - nov 1912 till august 1914 - land captains introduced in 892 were replaced by justices of the peace - army and navy improved - universal primary education within ten years
when was the russian social democratic party established 1898
1903 SDP splits into? bolsheviks and mensheviks
who led the social revolutionaries chernov
two main liberal groups in the early 20th century kadets and octobrists
population in 1905? 125 million
who was assassinated 1905 grand duke sergie
what did russia surrender to japan in jan 1905 port arthur
battle of tsushima battle were the russian baltic fleet was defeated by the japanese
who led protestors in jan 1905 against the war with japan father gapon a russian orthodox preist
in 1906 what did stolypin make it easier for russian peasants to leave communes/mir
what was declared in moscow in june 1914 general strike
what was total russian agricultural prodcution in 1906 45.9 million tonnes
name two battles which the russians lost against the germans in 1914 battles of tannenberg and masurina lakes
who entered WWl on the side of germany in nov 1914 turkey
who became commander in chief of the rusian armed forces in 1915? nicholas ll replaces grand duke nicolai
what group was formed in the duma in 1915 progressive bloc
name the incompetent minister of internal affairs appointed by the tsarina alexander protopopov
name the monk who advised tsarina rasputin, initially called in to treat the tsars son for haemophillia
who killed the monk 1916 dec by prince lvov
when did the tsar abdicate march 15 1917
approx how many workers went on strike in petrograd on jan 9th 1917 140,000
approx how many people were striking in petrograd on feb 25th 1917 200,000
the petrograd soviets order no.1 all officers had to be elected by their soldiers
what did the duma establish to take over the running russia 12 man committee
town where tsar became trapped by strikers pskov
who did the tsar offer his throne to grand duke michael
tsars family name romanov
first leader of the pro gov prince lvov
what was established march 1st petrograd soviet
two main parties who dominated the pro gov octobrists and kadets
petrograd soviet became what all russian soviet in june 1917
pro gov known as dual gov
march 1917 petrograd soviet declares they would only support a defensive war
new pm in july 1917 kerensky
who was lenin leader of the bolsheviks
lenin exiled where switzerland
who supported bolsheviks the most industrial working class
july days? 3rd-6th
sailors of the naval base who protested against the gov kronstadt sailors
how many bolsheviks surrendered to troops loyal to the pro gov on 6th july 1917 500
who became commander in chief of the russian armed forces in july 1917 kornilov
who gave who weapons and why kerensky gave the bolsheviks weapons to protect petrograd
where was the pro gov based winter palace
bloshevik fighters red guard