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Key terms for media studies gcse

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Representation How people, places or events are portrayed in texts
Logo A graphic that becomes a recognizable symbol for a trademark or brand
Buzzword Words such as "new", "free" exclusive" that engage the audience and draw attention to the advert
Direct Mode of Address Subject (person) looks directly at the camera, connotes their confidence
Typography The type of font used
Colour scheme or Colour palette The choice of colours used in the advert that influences the way they read the advert
Copy The text in the advert
Ideology Messages, beliefs and values
Iconography Visual symbols or images that represent a person or an idea
Target Audience The intended audience - who is the advert for? Age, gender, demographic, social category, personality type, beliefs, values
Intertextuality When an advert refers to another media text - offers the audience satisfaction if they recognize the reference
Preferred Meaning The meaning the advert producers want the audience to understand and accept
Juxtaposition Used to emphasise contrast and difference - different characters or different ideas
Conventions Something that is typical of the text - often associated with genres - cowboy hats?
Denotation What you see in a text
Connotation The suggested or implied meaning
Mise-en-scene Stuff in the background - the placement of props, characters, lighting
Enigma Code A mystery that needs to be solved - used to interest the audience
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