World War II

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August 1940 The U.S. broke Japanese codes and became aware of plans for Southeast Asia
What was the problem with Japan looking to spread their empire? They could have been a threat to American controlled islands like the Philippines and Guam
July 1941 Japan overran French-Indochina
How did the U.S. react to Japan taking French-Indochina? The U.S. cut off oil shipments to Japan
How did Japan suffer when their oil supply was cut off by the U.S. in 1941? Japan suffered oil shortages but continued planning surprise attacks on the United States
Isoruku Yamamote Japan's greatest naval strategist and admiral
What did FDR say the day after Pearl Harbor? He called Pearl Harbor "A date which will live in Infamy"
December 7, 1941 Japan began attacks on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii early in the morning
When did the attacks on Pearl Harbor occur? December 7, 1941
How many ships were destroyed in the attacks on Pearl Harbor? 18 ships were sunk or damaged in a two hour time frame
How many planes did Japan use during the attack? Two waves of planes were sent out - one wave of 183 and a second of 168
How many Americans were killed in the Pearl Harbor attacks? 2403 people were killed
How many Americans were injured during the attack on Pearl Harbor? 1000 people were injured throughout (most were naval officers)
What occurred the day after Pearl Harbor? The United States declared war on Japan
Where did Japan invade and conquer? -Guam and Wake Island were seized -the Philippine islands were attacked -Hong Kong was seized -Malaya was invaded
What was the most important ship sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor? The Arizona
Where did half of the deaths at Pearl Harbor occur? The Arizona
Bataan Death March A 60 mile and 5-12 day march made by prisoners of war after the 3 month Battle of Bataan
Doulittle's Raid U.S. Planes took off from aircraft carriers to bomb Japan and land in China in order to show the Japanese army that they could be attacked
What were the effects of Doulittle's Rade? -American morale was raised - the Japanese realized that they could be attacked
Battle of Coral Sea A battle between American and Japanese troops that was fought entirely in the air and stopped Japanese expansion southward (ended in a draw)
When did the Battle of Coral Sea occur? May 1942
Battle of Midway American planes defeated a Japanese fleet poised to attack an important American airfield on Midway (turning point of war in the Pacific)
When did the Battle of Midway occur? June 1942
Battle of Gaudacanal Americans attacked the island of Gaudacanal where the Japanese were building an air base
When did the Battle of Gaudacanal take place? August 7, 1942 Although it did go on for multiple months
Douglas MacArthur A general commander of allied land forces in the Pacific
Island Hopping A tactic used by Allied forces where ill-defended islands were attacked and conquered first
When was the island of Gaudacanal conquered? Japanese soldiers abandoned Gaudacanal in February 1943
Operation Torch U.S. plans to land in Morocco and Algeria in order to crush Rommel and his troops (German) between the British troops and the American troops
Who led the Allied forces during the execution of Operation Torch? General Dwight D. Eisenhower with Patton serving for the United States directly below him
Battle of Stalingrad the battle that revolved around the invasion of Stalingrad in Germany
When did the Battle of Stalingrad officially begin? August 23, 1942
November 1942 (Stalingrad) Germany controlled 90% of the city
What caused the downfall of the German troops at Stalingrad? a harsh Russian winter set in and Germany was unprepared for the cold
November 19, 1942 (Stalingrad) Russian troops had surrounded the city
February 2, 1943 (Stalingrad) 90,000 frostbitten German soldiers surrendered at Stalingrad
What was the outcome of the Battle of Stalingrad? it is thought to be the turning point of the war in Europe
Designated Day (aka D-Day) British, American, French, and Canadian troops stormed a 60 mile stretch of beach along the coast of France, achieving the greatest amphibious attack in history
What was the code name for D-Day? the invasion of Normandy was codenamed Operation Overlord
Why was the fighting difficult for some troops during D-Day? -German soldiers were protected behind solid concrete walls -allied boats were getting stuck in sand bars so that soldiers had to swim to shore while being shot at
How many casualties did the Allied forces accumulate on D-Day? -3,000 to 4,000 soldiers dead (4,416 to be exact) -10,000 casualties in all
When did the Allies march into Paris after D-Day? August 25, 1944
What lands had the Allies liberated in Europe by September 1944? France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and much of the Netherlands
Battle of the Bulge -a battle where Germany was forced to fight on two fronts -Germans were able to break through American forces, but were stopped and forced back
V-E Day (Victory in Europe) May 7, 1945 General Eisenhower accepted unconditional surrender from the Third Reich
What led to Germany's surrender? Adolf Hitler committed suicide alongside his wife Eva Braun on April 31, 1945
Battle of Leyte Gulf a battle where the Japanese lost almost their entire naval fleet
kamikaze suicide pilots who sunk allied ships by crashing into them with bomb-filled planes *valued national honor more than individual life
When was the island Iwo Jima invaded by Allied forces? March 1945
Why was it important for Iwo Jima to be captured by the Allies? -660 miles from Japan -two airfields were located on the island
Where were Japanese forces located when the Allies invaded Iwo Jima? the Japanese fought in tunnels and caves that had been carved into the islands mountains and hid there until the opposing forces were far onto the island
Battle of Okinawa from April 1 to June 22 Allies fought for air bases to be used when invading Japan
What was the reason for the high death tolls for the Japanese? towards the end of the war many Japanese deaths were kamikaze pilots
Manhattan Project a top-secret development of the atomic bombs
Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 an atomic bomb named "Little Boy" was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan causing widespread destruction and a horrendous number of civilian deaths
What plane was carrying the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima? Enola Gay
How many causalities were there due to the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima? -70,000 people (mostly civilians) were vaporized immediately -140,000 were dead by the end of 1945 from injuries and/or radiation poisoning
Nagasaki on August 9, 1945 an atomic bomb named "Fat Man" was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan *only three days after the first atomic bomb was dropped
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