Media Studies Terminology

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Anchorage A fixing device - the text directs the reader through the signifiers of the image towards a meaning chosen in advance by the producer of the text.
Brand Image How an institution, a media product or a person is promoted to create a particular perception or belief amongst the public.
Codes and Conventions A code is a network of signs, written, visual, artistic or behavioural which signify meanings that are culturally accepted and shared. A convention is a conduct or practise or method that is commonly accepted and has a tradition.
Connotation Meanings arrived at through the cultural experiences a reader brings to a text.
Denotation Refers to the simplest and most obvious level of meaning of a sign, be it a word, image, object or sound.
Establishing Shot What is shown to let the viewer know where and when the action is set.
Hybrid Genres Texts which are formed with elements from one or more genre, perhaps producing sub-genres.
Iconography Particular signs we associate with particular genres.
Media Franchise The capacity to extend the life or characters, settings or trademarks by producing further products.
Mediation The process by which an institution or individual or a technology comes between events that happen in the world and the audience who receive this re-presentation.
Niche Audiences The separation of the media audience into segments, each of which have different tastes and concerns.
Polysemic More than one meaning open to interpretation.
Repertoire of Elements The number of codes and conventions: technical, symbolic, narrative and setting, from which a selection can be made.
Semiology or Semiotics The study or meaning of signs.
UGC (User Generated Content) Contributions to media texts from audience.
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