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Steps involved with Fractional Distillation? - The Crude Oil is evaporated at high temperatures - The Crude Oil then cools and condenses at different levels of the cylinder - The long hydrocarbons condense at the bottom where as shorter hydrocarbons condense higher up.
Explain why copper pipes inside solar panels are black? - Black is a good EMITTER of heat - This means water will be heated QUICKER
6 mark Q's Physics? - Outline 2/3 advantages and 2/3 disadvantages - (sometimes) Conclude and choose which is better
Environmental advantages of taking methane gas out of coal mines and using it to generate electricity? - less methane gas goes into the atmosphere - Global warming happens at a slower rate
Explain the importance of Step-Up and Step-Down transformers? - Step-Up increase voltage and decrease current to make it more efficient - Step-Down decrease voltage and increase current so it can be safely supplied to the consumer
3 reasons why not all energy is passed on from producers? - Lost in GROWTH - Lost in WASTE - Lost in RESPIRATION (and movement)
What is Phytoming? Plants are grown in soil that contains copper. The plants are harvested. The plants are burnt into an ash. The ash is dissolved in sulfuric acid to make copper sulfate. The copper sulfate solution is electrolysed to remove the copper.
What is Bioleaching? Bacteria feed on the low grade metal ores. We get a solution called a leachate. We can then use scrap iron in displacement reaction or electrolysis to extract the copper.
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