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Some basic facts ( 2) Hint: autotroph or heterotroph, evolved from? AUTOTROPH YOU DUMBASS, evolved from charophytes ( green algae)
Evidences (5) that plants come from green algae( charophytas especially) 1. Homologous chloroplasts 2. both have cell walls that contain cellulose 3. both store food as starch 4. similarities in sperm structures 5. similarities in cytokinesis ( cell division)
Function of root or root like structures? anchor the plant absorb water and nutrients from soil YOU DUMB OR WHAT?
conducting vessels, 2 types, name XYLEM AND PHLOEM
Function of Xylem 1. transport water and minerals upward from the roots 2. composed of dead, tube-shaped cells ( tracheids) 3. form a microscopic water pipe
Function of PHLOEM( duh, you better remember Xylem as well) 1. transport productiosn of photosynthesis from the leaves to the rest of the plant 2. composed of living cells arranged in tubules
differences between xylem and phloem XYLEM: 1 way, water and minerals only Phloem: 2 ways, products of photosynthesis from leaves to rest of plant
what are these conducting vessels made of ? lignin, structural support
3 kind of adaptations plants made in order to survive on dry land 1. Developing roots 2. Conducting vessels so they can take nutrients and water from soil 3. reproductive adaptations
tell me about Reproductive adaptations Since plants can no longer rely on water to carry their gametes and disperse their fertilized eggs, the plant develops -zygote retained within the parent -a pollen which consists of male gametophyte which can travel a long distance -seed : protects the embryo, contains food supply
Gametophyte is haploid or diploid? haploid, it comes from spore
gametophyte produces... gametes ( sperm or eggs)
Sporophyte, diploid or haploid? diploid, it comes from an egg and a sperm ( 2n)
Sporophytes produce... spores
Gametophyte is larger than sporophytes for mosses, true or false true, sporophyte is larger than gametophyte in all other plants tho
What prevents plants from drying? Waxy cuticle
Function of stomata pores on the surface of leaves 1. gas exchange ( CO2 and O2) 2. Water evaporation
what are guard cells? They open and close stomata
Give me the order of evolutionary development of 4 groups of land plant 1. Seedless, non-vascular 2. Seedless, vascular 3. Seed, vascular ( 3. germosperms 4. Angiosperms)
Phylum Bryophyta belongs to which group of land plant? seedless/non-vascular ( ex: mosses)
gametophyte is dominant, doesn't have vascular system phylum Bryophyta
Do not contrain true roots, have rhizoids instead Phylum Bryophyta
Movement of nutrients is still by diffusion phylum bryophyta
What does phylum Bryophyta lacks of... 1. Vascular system 2. Cuticle 3. Seed 4. Pollen, flowers, fruit
Phylum Pterophyta is in which group seedless/vascular
function of vascular system transport substances up and down the plant ( usually sugar)
Characteristics of seedless/vascular Vascular system leaves contain waxy cuticle no pollen, fruit or flower
Example of Phylum Pterophyta Fern
True or false, in fern, sporophyte is dominant life form TRUE
for phylum pterophyta...the gametrophyte is.... -small -grow on or below the surface -produce both the egg and sperm -water is still needed for fertilisation
Seed/vascular group, its' seed has Sporophyte embryo : food supply and protective coat enhance plant ability to survive and reproduce on land Wind and animal can disperse seeds no need of water
Adaptation seed and vascular group a) reduction of gametophyte : no longer independent, obtain food from mother, protection from UV radiation b)Pollen: becomes the male gametophyte, no need of water
What is sporophyte embryo? good supply and protective coat
2 kind of classification of seed and vascular group, based on the presence or absence of chambers in which seeds mature Germosperms and Angiosperms
Phylum coniferophyta is .... Germosperms
Germosperms has or lack enclosed chamber for seeds? it lacks chambers where the seed develops ( NAKED SEED)
For conifers, the pine tree is... sporophyte
2 kind of cones, female and male, give me the characteristics of the male one MALE: give rise to pollen grain which contains gametophyte
Female cones, characteristics has multicellular nutritive tissue contrains the ovule: which develop into the female gametophyte, and when fertilized develops into pine seed
ANGRIOSPERMS is also called... phylum anthrophyta
Phylum Anthrophyta is a a flowering plant? YESSS, it's the most evolved form, produces flowers and fruit
Angiosperms have enclosed chambers for seeds? YES, protective chamber at the base of the flower ( ovary, which matures into fruit)
Which group has a refined vascular system? Angiosperms, with xylem cells called tracheids ( elongated, tapered cells) and vessel elements
What are flowers? specialised for reproduction containing both male and female structures insects or animals can transfer pollen
Fruits are.... mature ovary which protects dormant seed and aides in their dispersal
how do fruits disperse? (3) 1. Shaped like a kite 2. have burrs that cling to animal furr 3. edible fruits that passes through digestive tract of animal and carry it to another destination
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