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Patridge v Crittenden 1968 an advertisement for the sale of protected birds was not an offer
Fisher v Bell 1961 a knife with a price label on it in a shop window was not an offer but an invitation to treat
Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain v Boots Cash Chemists (southern) LTD 1952 goods in a self service store are an invitation to treat, not an offer.
Thornton v Shoe Lane Parking 1971 a ticket from an automatic machine in a car park involved the car park owner making the offer, and the customer accepting the offer by putting money in the machine
Chapelton v Barry UDC 1940 a pile of deckchairs for the hire on a bench was on offer that the customer could accept.
Harvey v Face 1983 a response to a request for information is just an invitation to treat not an offer
Gibson v Manchester City Council 1979 a statement is not an offer if the words you show uncertainty as to weather there is a willingness to make a contract
Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. 1982 an advertisement could contain an offer if it was clearly meant to be taken seriously
Ramsgate Victoria Hotel v Montefiore 1866 an offer made to but shares in a company had lapsed when the company has responded five months later. the person making the offer was entitles ton assume that the company did not want him to invest
Routledge v Grant 1828 an offer can be revoked at any time even if it said to be open for a fixed period that has not yet ended
Dickinson v Dodds 1876 where a reliable person informs the person to whom an offer has been that the offer has ended, it is as if the revocation of the offer had been made by the person who had made the offer
Stevenson V McLean 1880 an enquiry about whether the credit was available did not reject the offer, which still could be accepted
Hyde v Wrench 1840 a counter-offer ends the original offer. in this case this occurred in negotiations over the price to be paid for a farm
Felthouse v Bundley 1862 a statement that if nothing further was heard then a contract would be made was not sufficient to be the positive act required for acceptance
Adam v Lindsell 1818 the postal rules state that a letter of acceptance take effect at the moment of posting
Entores v Miles Far East Corporation 1955 communication by a telex machine takes place when the message is received rather than sent. it is bot the same thing as using the post
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