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imovie During the preliminary task I learnt how to use imovie and used this software to practice lip syncing to the song 'Am I Wrong'. I then used iMovie as my choice of editing software for my main task and used it to edit the shots as well as combining them to make my music video.
iphone camera I used my iphone camera to take pictures of the drawings of my storyboard so that I could post it as evidence of research on my blog
I used YouTube in order to research possible song choices for my music video.
Safari browser I used the safari browser on the mac in order to look at artists digipaks and websites in order to get some inspiration as well as looking at typical conventions so I could imitate these.
Blogger Throughout my research and planning I had to keep a blog to show all of my work. The blog site I used for this was Blogger.
Slideshare I used slide share in order to present my work. This tool presented my work in the form of a slide show presentation therefore where showing how to create my digipak it worked well as a step to step guide.
I used prezi to present my work as it was more creative than slideshare through its animate pathways. It was very simple to use and also offered a free account meaning it was very easy to set up and join.
This is a tool that I came across when revising it gives you the opportunity to present your work in mind map form or flash cards. This breaks up text making it more intriguing to read as well as showing a wider use of technologies.
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