Savage-rumbough et al.

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Environment 55 acres of forest Indoor environment - K and M helped in various activities e.g. Doing laundry
Exposure to language Exposure from 6th months, observing Matata (mother) Mulika learned through watching Kanzi Not trained to use lexigrams like Sherman and Austin
Classification of utterances Accurate, spontaneous, imitated, structured
Controlled tests Shown photographs - select lexigrams Listen to word - select photo Listen to word - select lexigrams
Kanzi Pygmy (bonbo chimp) 30-47 months during report
Mulika Kanzi's sister 11-21 months during report
What kind of experiment was it? Longtitudinal cast study spanning 17 months
First use of 'speech Kanzi (17 months) - Banana, Chase, peanut Mulika (12 months) - milk, all purpose work for food and picked up.
How many words did they learn Kanzi - 46 Mulika - 37
How many combinations did Kanzi produce? Kanzi - 2,540 non-imitated plus 265 which were promted
How many utterances were spontaneous? 80% 15% - imitated
Special thing Kanzi could do Could lead a visitor through the learning centre to certain locations on request
Quantitative data Number of words aquired, percentage imitated
Qualitative The the chimps used words
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