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Aim Support his idea about the oedipus complex, origins of mental disorders (phobias) and the value of psychoanalysis.
Little Hans 3-5yrs family members (father, mother, sister) form important part of the study opportunity sample, father wished to give Freud the opportunity to explore his theories.
Data Reports similar to a diary was written by Hans's father. Final report consisted of factual record of hans' life observations made by father (widdler) conversations between Hans and father analysis of freud and father Frued once met Hans
Findings: Early life A need to repress anxieties: His desire to have a relationship with his mother father and sister to die because they were rivals
Findings: Analysis Han's fear of horses was his way of expressing his fear of his widdler getting cut off, also a subconscious fear of his father (oedipus complex) Fear of carts because they represented pregnancy
Findings: Fantacies Giraffe: representation of him trying to take his mother away from his father Plumber: him identifying with his dad having come through the Oedipus complex
Giraffe Fantacy Big Giraffe, crumpled Giraffe takes crumpled giraffe away big giraffe calls out sits on crumbled giraffe (long neck symbolizes long penis)
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