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Aim: Investigate the process of obedience: to demonstrate the power of legitimate authority even when a command requires destructive behaviour
Sample 40 Males, 20-50 years old self-selected from advert in news paper New Haven
How Much money did they receive? $4.50
How were roles given to the participants? Draw from a hat however the participant always got the role of the teacher
How did they establish experimental realism? shocked delivered saw the participant get tied up the volts machine banging on the wall calls from the leaner (recorded)
The prods Please continue, the experiment requires you to continue, You have no choice you must continue. If inquired about the health of the participant the experimenter would empathize the point 'There will be no permanent tissue damage'
The Learner 3 questions wrong to every one he got right at 300 volts he would band on the wall and then stop responding they had to treat a no answer as a wrong answer
Findings 100% continued to 300 volts 5 participants stopped at 300 4 - 315 2 - 330 1 - 345 1 - 360 1 - 375 26 were obedient continued until 450
Nervousness Sweat, stutter, bite their lip, one participant had a violent seizure which meant the trial had to be stopped. comments made were 'He's banging in there' 'I'm gonna chicken out'
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