The Woodspurge

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Structure AAAA rhyme scheme shows boring consistency, which could mean there is no excitement in a grief stricken dystopian world
The wind flapp'd loose, the wind was still, Shaken out dead from tree and hill: I had walk'd on at the wind's will,— I sat now, for the wind was still. The first line holds great antithesis The cacophony in the second line represents death and cruelty He is following the winds will as he has none of his own
Between my knees my forehead was,— My lips, drawn in, said not Alas! My hair was over in the grass, My naked ears heard the day pass. Synedoche for him being in a fetal position The lost rhyme shows how all is lost Naked is representing his vulnerability
My eyes, wide open, had the run Of some ten weeds to fix upon; Among those few, out of the sun, The woodspurge flower'd, three cups in one His vision is focused to what is between his knees They are unnatural and have negative connotation, metaphorically showing his grievance The wood spurge could be a connotation for the holy trinity
From perfect grief there need not be Wisdom or even memory: One thing then learnt remains to me,— The woodspurge has a cup of three Oxymoron of perfect and grief The woodspurge is a very powerful symbol to him
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