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these flash cards help you review the constitution and the AOC

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what were the features of the AOC? weak central government, no money, border disputes, quarreling states, no respect
what was one accomplishment of the AOC? northwest ordinance: created a way for the other places with a population over 60,000 to join the US
what event highlighted the weaknesses of the AOC? Shay's Rebellion: farmer's land was being taken away cause they weren't paying taxes
when,where, and why did the delegates meet at the constitutional convention? may 17, 1787 because they wanted to revise the AOC
what were the 2 plans represented for the representation in congress? describe the 2 plans new jersey plan: equal representation for all the states Virginia plan: based off of population
how would representation work under the Great Compromise? created a bicameral legislature
what compromise was reached on the issues of representation and slavery? what did it say? 3/5 compromise
what is the introductory phase of the constitution known as? preamble
what is the first phrase of this section of the constitution? " We the people "
what two groups formed regarding ratification of the constitution? federalists, anti-federalists
who wanted the constitution ratified? federalists
who didn't want the constitution ratified? anti-federalists
what did it take to get the opposing group to agree to ratification? adding BOL to the constitution
who wrote the federalists papers? Alexander Hamilton,James Madison, John Jay
what was the purpose of this publication? to gain support for ratifying the constitution
when was the constitution written? 1787
what was the purpose of including the amendment process in the constitution? including amendment process
what are the first ten amendments called? bill of rights
1st amendment freedom of religion, assembly, petition, press, speech
2nd amendment right to bear arms
3rd amendment quartering of soldiers
4th amendment search and seizure
5th amendment rights to the accused ( due process )
6th amendment right to a speedy trial
7th amendment right to a trial by jury
8th amendment no cruel or unusual punishment
9th amendment rights kept to the people
10th amendment powers of the states and the people
what does the term bicameral mean? 2 houses
what are the two we have in out legislature? senate-House of Representatives
list and define the seven principles of the constitution... popular sovereignty, republicanism, limited government, federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, individual rights
what is representative democracy? founded on the principle of elected officials
what is popular sovereignty? people power
what is an amendment? a minor change or addition
what is the constitution? a plan for government
what is ratification? officially approve
what are federalists? supported the ratification of the constitution
what are anti-federalists? wanted BOL to be added
what is a compromise? a settlement of dispute by each party
what is a petition? make a request of government of government official
what is due process? the rules before depriving a person of life, liberty, or property
what is double jeopardy? to be tried for the same offense twice
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