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A brief review of the formation of the United States, as well as government.

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confederation alliance of independent states
problems and solutions that the articles of confederation addressed 1. fear of a strong national government solution: create a weak national government 2. fear of states becoming more powerful that the national government solution: each state receives one vote
what is the structure of the A of C unicameral legislature = delegates chosen yearly by each state and each state had one vote; no executive to enforce laws these functions were handled by committees of the congress
what is the Shay's Rebellion due to economic crisis caused by problems with A of C, a rebellious group consisting of farmers attacked a US arsenal this illustrated the weakness of the A of C
purposed of government (5) 1. keep order 2. provide services 3. provide security 4. guide community 5. develop relationships with other nations
when and where was the Constitutional Convention philadelphia; 1787
what were the plans proposed at the Constitutional Convention (explain each) 1. virginia plan large state plan; 3 branches; bicameral legislature; representation based of population 2. new jersey plan small states plan; framed by A of C; 3 branches; unicameral legislature; equal representation
what was the great compromise 1. house of representatives are elected through proportional representation 2. senate elected through equal representation
how many articles in US Constitution 7 articles
major principles outlined in Constitution (7) 1. popular sovereignty 2. republicanism 3. limited government 4. federalism 5. separation of powers 6. checks and balances 7. individual rights
what are the three types of powers vested in the state and federal governments (3) 1. enumerated powers (national government) 2. reserved powers (state) 3. concurrent powers (shared powers)
what is Article 1 (branch, 5) legislative branch 1. congress makes laws 2. lists specific powers of house and senate 3. amends constitution 4. declares war 5. collects taxes
what is article 2 (branch, 4) legislative branch 1. congress makes laws 2. lists specific powers of house and senate 3. signs bills into law or votes them or can do nothing with them 4. commander-in-chief of military
what is article 3 (branch, 3) judicial branch 1. interpret laws 2. calls for one supreme court 3. lists the powers of federal courts and describe types of cases they might hear (judicial review)
what is article 4 describes relationship between the federal government and the states
what is article 5 amendments (changes to the constitution)
what is article 6 states that the constitution is the 'supreme law' of the land (federal law prevails)
what is article 7 constitution has to be ratified by 9/13 states
what is house of reps (3) 1. 435 reps 2. 2 year term 3. based on population
what is senate (3) 1. 100 senators 2. elected based on equal reps 3. 6 year term
what is the ratification debate debate between anti-federalists and federalists regarding ratification of the new constitution
what was the main argument of the anti-federalists in the ratification debate strong national government threatened the rights of the common people
what was the main argument of the federalists during the ratification debate strong national government needed to be more effective as a government and needed to enforce laws
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