Black History Month Jeopardy- Art and Music


Black History Jeopardy Study Cards grades 4-8- arts and music
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Two words that are represented by the shorthand term R&B Rhythm and Blues
Rapper that was awarded with a Pulitzer Prize for his 2017 album; work has also been taught in various school curriculums Kendrick Lamar
Artist that holds the current record for the most song entries in the Billboard Top 100 Drake
Known as the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin
African American Actor ranked as the greatest actor of the 21st century by The New York Times Denzel Washington
First African American woman to win an Oscar for Costume Design for her work in Marvel's Black Panther Ruth E. Carter
First African American to have art featured at a New York Gallery; most famous for the Migration Series Jacob Lawrence
First Black Woman filmmaker to win an Sundance Film Festival award; also the first black woman to direct a film with a budget over $100 million Ava DuVernay
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