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1.2.1 Identity of Your Manikin


1.2.1 Identity of my manikin
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1.2.1 Identity of Your Manikin
  1. Tissue: Material in which animals and plants are made consisting of specialized cells. WHOLE.
    1. Cell: the smallest structural and functional unit of an organism consisting cytoplasm and a membrane that encloses a nucleus. LIFE.
      1. Epithelial Tissue: covers the whole surface of the body. SKIN.
        1. Connective Tissue: tissue that supports, binds, or separates other tissues other tissues or organs often with collagen or other fibers and elastic tissues. BINDS.
          1. Muscle Tissue: band or bundle of fibrous tissue in a body that can contract producing movement. MOVMENT.
            1. Nervous Tissue: main pact of the brain and spinal cord and the branching peripheral nerves which regulates bodily functions. BODY FUNCTION.
              1. Neurons: a specialized cell that transmits nerve impulses. EVERYTHING.
                1. Cartilage: a durable, elastic connective tissue that cushions bones at joints. CUSHIONS.
                  1. Blood: red liquid that circulates throughout animals, carrying oxygen to, and carbon dioxide way from tissues. HEART.
                    1. Tendons: flexible but inelastic cord of strong collagen fibrous tissue attaching a bone to a joint. ATTACHMENT.
                      1. Ligaments: a short band of tissue that supports joints and keeps it in position. SUPPORTS.
                        1. Bone: durable, whitish tissue that makes up the skeletal system.
                          1. Skeletal Tissue: bony, ligamentous, fibrous, cartilaginous tissue forming the skeleton.
                            1. Fat/ Adipose: connective tissue made of fat cells in a meshwork of areolar tissue.
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