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The percentage of water vapor in the air compared to the maximum amount of water vapor that air can contain at a particular temperature is relative humidity
is the process of molecules of water vapor in the air becoming liquid water. condensation
Any form of water that reaches Earth’s surface is precipitation
a method used to modify precipitation cloud seeding
air masses are cold and form north of 50o north polar
air masses form over oceans. maritime
A violent disturbance in the atmosphere is a storm
A hurricane begins over? Hot water
isobars are lines joining places with the same AIR PRESSURE
isotherms are lines joining places that have the same TEMPERATURE
the climate that is nearest to the equator tropical zone
What climate is in the area of north american, south america, and elope have mild marine climates
windward side of the mountain that winds hits
leeward side of the mountain (downwind) is in a rain shadow.
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