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The diencephalon extends from the brain stem to the cerebrum and surrounds what? The 3rd ventricle
The diencephalon consists of what? The thalamus, hypothalamus, and epithalamus
What projects out from the hypothalamus? the hypophysis, or pituitary gland
The epithalamus contains which 2 things... the pineal gland and the habenular nuclei
What does the pineal gland do? Secretes melatonin to influence diurnal cycles in conjunction with the hypothalamus
The habenular nuclei are involved in what? Olfaction, especially emotional responses to odours
There are parts of the diencephalon that can monitor chemical changes in the blood because they lack a blood-brain barrier. What are they called? Circumventricular organs (CVOs)
CVOs include which 3 structures? - part of the hypothalamus - the pineal gland - the pituitary gland
What do CVOs do? They function to coordinate homeostatic activities of the endocrine & nervous systems
Where is the limbic system found? In the cerebral hemispheres and diencephalon
What does the limbic system do? Functions in emotional aspects of behaviour & memory, and is associated with intense pleasure & pain
The association areas are concerned with complex integrative functions such as... memory, emotions, reasoning, will, judgement, personality traits & intelligence
Injury to the association or motor speech areas results in... Aphasia - inability to use or comprehend words
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