Nervous system

Skye Chen
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A mind map of the nervous system - the CNS, PNS and other things, includes break down of the brain.

Skye Chen
Created by Skye Chen 11 months ago
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Nervous system
1 Peripheral Nervous System
1.1 Somatic Nervous System
1.2 Autonomic Nervous System
1.2.1 Parasympathetic Nervous system
1.2.2 Sympathetic Nervous system
2 Central Nervous System
2.1 Spinal cord
2.2 Brain
2.2.1 Forebrain Thalamus Corpus Callosum Cerebrum Frontal lobe Parietal lobe Occipital lobe Temporal lobe Hypothalamus Cerebral cortex
2.2.2 Midbrain Reticular Formation
2.2.3 Hindbrain Medulla Pons Cerebellum

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